Cabinet Refacing or Cabinet Replacement – What Works Better for You

Cabinets in the kitchen become damaged over time because of constant usage. Gone are the times when the alternative for cabinet refurbishing was repainting. If the cabinets were designed with thermofoil, then it would become difficult to repaint as well because the thermofoil was a compound that did not offer a repainting option.

Cabinet refacing has become a way of taking care of the old and worn-out cabinets. It has become a popular thought when compared with the idea of the total replacement of the cabinets in your worming area

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Refacing of the Cabinets

Refacing of the cabinets are done in two different ways,

  1. cabinet boxes veneering
  2. installation of the doors and the new drawer fronts

The experts will even work on the complete replacement of the cabinets if required, based on the current condition of the cabinets.

Cabinet replacement

The existing cabinets of the cooking area will be removed completely and will be installed with the new set of cabinets. If the cabinets have lost their level, beauty and are worn out, then the remodeling company will focus on the replacement of the cabinets with the new designs and formats.

DIY Options

If you are planning to go with the DIY options in the case of cabinet refacing, then it is not an easy task. The veneering that is used for the cabinets is not easy to work with, except for the experts.

The same goes for replacement of cabinets using DIY procedures. You can never get the fixing and installations right, even after you follow the step-by-step DIY cabinet installation process.

Available Options in Companies

Not all remodeling companies will handle the work of the refacing of the kitchen cabinets. Only a few companies will take up the project.

The replacement of the cabinets is one of the many works that come under the list of house remodeling projects. Hence, you will find many options in the name of the companies that are willing to take up this job.

Possible Charges

A kitchen contractor will charge you at least 50% less amount for the refacing of the cabinets when compared with the overall charges for the cabinet replacements.

Right Time

Getting the cabinet refacing done is an ideal choice when your cabinet boxes are in excellent shape and condition.

You can go with the idea of the replacement of the cabinet with the latest kitchen design when the cabinets have worn out and the boxes are in poor condition.

Going with either cabinet refacing or replacement is completely up to your decision. You can decide based on the time duration of you residing in the house or the condition of your cabinets.