Ensure Your Closing on a New Home Goes Smoothly


You have followed your checklist for your move and have planned and organized a successful moving day. You can’t wait to have everything moved and set up in your new home, but before all of this happens, you need to go to closing.


There are several things you need to do to be well organized for the closing of your new home. These include:

  • Review closing disclosure form
  • Do final walk-through
  • Have the papers you need to bring

Of course, your realty company will be there with you all the way. For more information on a realty company, you can go to www.flatraterealtygroup.com

Final walkthrough

A buyer’s contract should normally allow for a final “walk-through” of the house 24 hours prior to closing. First, you need to ensure that the previous owners have vacated – unless you are allowing some sort of rent-back arrangement so they stay for a short time period before moving. During your walk-through make sure the home is in the condition that has been agreed to in the contract. If you had a home inspection done earlier and revealed problems that the sellers have agreed to take care of, make certain those repairs have been made.

Review closing disclosure form

If you have obtained a loan, you need to thoroughly review the“HUD-1 settlement statement”. This is so that you understand and can ask questions of the terms of your loan so there are no surprises at closing.

Have papers you need to bring

You will need to bring the following papers:

  • Proof of homeowner’s insurance
  • Copy of your contract with the seller
  • Home inspection reports
  • Any papers the bank requires for your loan
  • Government-issued photo ID

And of course, you will need a checkbook so you can pay for any down payment, closing costs, and any fees that you might owe your realty company. If you have all this ready to go, the closing will be a much easier process to go through.