Essential Tips To Remove Carpet Beetles  

It may seem tiny and harmless, but they can be a big problem, especially in Australia. Carpet beetles don’t just live in your carpet, but they also infest your curtains, rugs and other furnishings. If you notice these tiny bugs invading your house, then you should at once call for carpet beetles pest controlIf you don’t control them in the first place, they will increase in number.

How to remove carpet beetles?

Here are some DIY tips to get rid of these tiny invaders.

  1. Vacuum it

One of the most effective ways to remove carpet beetles is by vacuuming the areas where they have infested. They are mostly found in rugs, carpets, curtains, and furniture. You should vacuum all these places thoroughly.

  1. Go for steam cleaning

After vacuuming, you should steam clean the same areas. You can use a steam cleaner to get the job done. The moisture and heat will help you take out the remaining eggs, larvae, and beetles.

  1. Wipe surfaces using vinegar

Prepare a mixture of water and vinegar and then spray it on surfaces such as drawers, shelves, window sills, hangers, and cupboards. This will help you get rid of any dust, dirt, or residues.

  1. Apply boric acid

Another effective method is to sprinkle boric acid. This acts as an insecticide which will help kill the remaining beetles on your rugs, carpets, rugs, and furniture. After applying boric acid, leave it untouched for at least two hours and then vacuum it.

  1. Call for professional help

In some cases, the situation goes out of control and you no longer can control the infestation with these methods. In that case, you should call for professional pest control services. They will know what to do in such situations. Most importantly, they come equipped with all the requirements that are needed to remove carpet beetles from your house.

An infestation of carpet beetles is a serious problem and therefore, it shouldn’t be ignored. If you are finding it hard to get rid of carpet beetles on your own, then call for professional pest control services.