Hiring The Reputed Real Estate Agent In KohSamui

After completing vacation from the best tourist place Thailand, you are so much thrilled by its beaches, culinary delights and the amazing people. Everybody likes to buy a piece of it and ready to call it as their own paradise. And you have excited about it and surf on your laptop that Real Estate in KohSamui in order to buy properties in Thailand. You may find a list of agencies, but you have hesitation about choosing the right and trustable one. You have to know about a certain thing while going to buy property in Thailand. Do you need to know more? Keep on reading the upcoming section.

Are foreigners allowed to buy a property? 

The law says that foreigners are not allowed to own a land or purchase it directly. Their law prohibits to own a land in their name itself. No worries, there is an alternative way for that. Foreigners are not allowed to own a land, but they can able to own a house. Or they can enter into the long-term lease with the landowner. The next step is aware of the process of buying real estate. For that, you have to hire a reputed real estate agency.

Ask for expert’s advice 

You have to get the advice from experts which does not only help in knowing about which place to buy or rent but also enhance your new life in Thailand. If you are hiring the trusted real estate agency, they will have connections with certain banks and help you to create an account in that bank itself. When you are struggling with communication, then they will help you to cope up with the problem. Instead of searching yourself for buying properties, a real estate agent will have a list according to your requirements.


Consider these things:

Are you looking forward to hiring Real Estate in KohSamui, then you have to consider certain things. They are as follows,

  • First and the foremost thing is that you have to check for the license. You have to know about the fact that everyone can become a real estate agent, but the reputed one need to have a work permit. So, you have to find out the professional agent who is having huge knowledge about the industry.
  • You have to aware of their property lists. Each and every agent might be having their property lists. Get to know about their list by connecting with them.
  • You need to know about the communication way of contacting them. There is one mobile application called LINE. It is considered to be the best way to contact the real estate agency.

There are certain procedures for hiring as well as contacting the real estate agency. There are three major types of real estate agents available such as independent, sole and hired one. In order to find the professional one, you have to visit multiple sites. So, what you are waiting for. Hire the reputed agency for buying your property in Thailand and explore the city.