How Monsoons Can Damage Your Roof in Arizona?

During rainy season in Arizona, you can expect your roof to get the harshest exposure to nature’s fury as Arizona monsoons can be disastrous. Besides thunderstorm and rain, even heat and dust storms can also damage your roof.

Therefore, it is necessary that before the arrival of monsoons in Arizona, one should remain well prepared and make sure that their roof is in proper condition. In addition to that it is also important that you must take following few measures.

  1. Prune and secure all nearby trees

If your house is surrounded with many trees then they can surely cause lots of problems particularly during monsoon. Few of these problems are:

  • All leaves may get into the gutter and block the drain, and stagnant water remains that may also prevent water to properly exit from your roof.
  • Tree branches can also damage the roof and scrap away at shingles or even fall on top of it.
  • Also, tree can collapse on your home as a result cause more roofing problem.

Therefore, ensure that all trees are pruned properly and secured much before arrival of monsoon season.

  1. Replace all Loose Shingles on your roof

During storm, there will always be high winds and if there is any loose shingles on your roof then it can easily get ripped off. This can put your home under great risk and water leakage can take place which may create havoc.

You must therefore call any professional Phoenix roofing company before the arrival of monsoon season and get your roof inspected by them.

In case, you find any loose shingles or any other material susceptible of damage then get it repaired. In case, it will fall down at high speed, then it can be unsafe for the house occupants.

  1. Upgrade your gutters

Proper upgrading of gutter will go a long way to maintain your roof condition. You must ensure that no debris or surrounding leaves must get into it, so that it will block rain water to flow out and as a result water may get settled on the roof.