How to Create a Modern Minimalist Style for Your Living Room

Minimalism is a wonderful way of stripping back your lifestyle and living in a calmer, easier manner. This shift resists all trends and unnecessary embellishments, instead completely favouring the simple basics and creature comforts that we truly need – not want. That’s not to say that it isn’t a little about style and aesthetic too! Follow these tips to create a modern minimalist setting for your living room…

Invest in quality pieces

Quality, not quantity should be your mantra as you furnish your modern minimalist living space. One of the best things about a streamlined life is that you are saving so much money by skipping out on pieces that you might traditionally associate with a living room, but you really don’t need. This frees up your budget and allows you to invest a little more into your essentials such as your sofas, entertainment system and rugs.

Be strict with your colour palette

Your colour palette is going to have to be pretty limited if you’re going to create that clean and clear look that minimalist style is notorious for. You don’t have to strictly stick to black and white, but it is best to keep to neutral tones. Dove greys, muted beiges and soft creams all work beautifully with a minimalist home.

Introduce warmth wherever you can

Although your colour palette is rather limited, you should feel comfortable adding a few touches of warmth around your living room – you don’t want to feel cold and unhappy when you’re supposed to be enjoying your downtime! Avoid the cold, concrete look by favouring warm undertones. Think ivory, cream and rich dark brown.

Bring the outside in

Plants are a fantastic way of adding depth, dimension and life to a pared-back space, without ruining the overall aesthetic. Add elegant plants such as orchids or single stem leaves to design a relaxed, naturalistic and simple home that’s still incredibly striking.

Lean into texture

Because you have so few pieces of furniture and embellishments in your living room you need to prioritise texture when you’re shopping for essentials. Materials such as worn timber, aged leather, luxe linen, fluffy shag rugs and silk cushions will all make your home feel cosy and inviting whilst still looking clean and refined.

Don’t be afraid of negative space

You can’t be shy of large open spaces if you want to pull off the minimalist style. Your living room will consist of your most essential furniture and entertainment outlets with a few sumptuous textiles and foliage dotted around to create a warm, inviting atmosphere – but that will be about it. So, be sure to get comfortable with negative space on your walls and in your floor plan, otherwise, the minimalist lifestyle might not be for you.

Refine your belongings but stay true to your style

We often associate minimalism with just one aesthetic, but that’s not really the case. Minimalism is all about prioritising the essentials and enhancing their beauty with clean, uncomplicated pieces that don’t crowd your life or your space. Of course, to live as a minimalist you have to clear away what you don’t need. Refine what your must-haves are, and you’ll see your own style peak through your new stripped back way of life. It can be tempting to throw everything away and start afresh with super harsh pieces, but this is going to leave you feeling a little lost in your own home. Stay true to your style and you won’t be regretting your lifestyle change.

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