How to Deal with Construction Defects in Oklahoma?

In case there is any kind of deficiency during the construction process, which may be related to design, material or the workmanship then it may result in damage to the property or people and are treated as construction defects.

Therefore, it is necessary to call a construction defect expert to check the construction of the building after the project is completed.

Let us take up each type of defects in detail:

  1. Design defect

These defects may be due to failure on part of professionals to provide accurate drawing before the construction. This can be corrected by either replacing few components or adding little scope of work.

  1. Material defect

This defect may happen due to use of any substandard or wrong type of material during the construction process. Such defect can always be remedied by using additional material and labor.

  1. Workmanship defect

If the builder fails to construct as per the drawings and specification given to him, then such defects can be a simple one or a very complex one too.

How to avoid such defects?

The person responsible for the project must perform all their contractual obligations as per the required care that is necessary, which means all their work must be done by following all that are written in the design and contract documents.

As an example, general requirements for the building contractor are:

  • Visiting the site and be familiar with various local conditions
  • Regularly review all the contract documents and also facilitate coordination onsite
  • Perform all the work according to the acceptable workmanship standards.

How to minimize any construction defects

Everyone who is involved in the construction projects are responsible for minimizing any kind of construction defects. Following are few pro-active measures to be taken by them:

  1. Review all the contract policy and terms

Everyone who are involved in the project should keep an eye on the various design and contract documents.

  1. Implement all quality control programs

Conduct regular inspection of the material used and also about the workmanship.

  1. Act quickly

In case, any defects are noticed then it should be immediately highlighted and proper action must be taken up as early as possible.