How to Find the Best Local Plumbers Now

Hiring local plumbers for a leak in the bathroom? Boiler maintenance? Repairing a gutter? A frequently asked question is: what does the (self-employed) plumber cost or ask per hour?

The Leaks and Clogging Clearings

For leaks, clogging and the construction and maintenance of sanitary facilities, water pipes, sewerage and heating installations, go to a plumber. The costs will strongly depend on the type of work to be performed and costs incurred for parts and equipment. Even if you do not live near a plumbing company, in addition to the hourly rate, call-out costs and the number of kilometers that the plumber must travel to reach its destination can also be calculated. Of course, the rate per independent (self-employed) plumber who works alone and a large plumbing company may also differ.

In addition, a surcharge will apply in an emergency and on weekends. Curious what it costs per hour without surcharges and materials? View the hourly wages below.

What are the costs of detecting and remedying a leak or blockage?

  • A leak in the bathroom or leaking heating pipes? 
  • Sewer clogged? 

Have your leakage or blockage repaired as soon as possible to prevent greater damage.


Working with fixed price

You don’t always have to pay a plumber per hour, he can also charge a fixed price for a particular job that needs to be carried out. In order to get a clear picture of the price you have to pay for a particular job, such as installing plumbing for a new kitchen or bathroom, it is therefore wise to request a quote for the job that must be carried out at your location. This way you avoid surprises afterwards and you know exactly what it will cost.

What you can at least take into account are the costs for:

  • Material costs
  • Call-out costs
  • Fixed hourly rate

Of course, besides the price, quality is also important. It is therefore wise to request different offers and compare them in order to achieve the best price-quality ratio.

Craftsman with quality mark

For a reliable professional, check whether the plumber is affiliated with the UNETO-VNI. This is a trade association for plumbers, among others. Plumbing companies can become a member of this if they meet the admission criteria for sanitary engineering and installations.

Central heating costs

Are you curious about the total cost of installing central heating? 

Below you can read more information about the costs for central heating. Do you have enough information and are you ready for the next step? Request free and non-binding quotes from up to 4 central heating installers in your area . You will receive the quotes within 2 working days. By requesting multiple quotes you are cheaper. Put the offers side by side, compare the prices and choose the specialist with the best price-quality ratio.


A new boiler costs about € 1,500 incl. VAT and excl. Assembly. The costs are largely determined by the CW (Comfort Warm water). Below you can read the average price per class.Please note: a thermostat is often included in the price of the central heating. If not, you will pay an average of € 50 extra for a simple copy and € 100 for a clock thermostat.