Lawn and Landscape Maintenance in Singapore

Having a healthy, beautiful and thriving landscape isn’t as experimental as we’d like it to be. If only we can follow Pinterest ideas and inspirations online, we’d all have a wonderful lawn that is eye-catching and satisfying. However, lawn and landscape maintenance Singapore is an overwhelming task that needs commitment, time and effort to accomplish. In this article, we’ll be discussing top tips from experts that you can follow for a beautiful lawn.

Adjust Your Soil PH

Because your lawn and landscape revolve primarily on healthy grass, having healthy soil is imperative. Just because your ground looks back and healthy doesn’t mean it is. There are instances where your soil PH does not have the right levels for plants and grass. You can take samples from different areas of your outdoor space and have it tested on a local extension service.

Imagine a Full-Grown Tree Before Planting

It may look cute and charming when a tree is still small. But, when it becomes a full-grown tree, problems will arise. To avoid roof and gutter problems, it is best to visualize the width of the roots and the length of the tree as to anticipate the space it’s going to consume.

Grow a Healthy Lawn to Prevent Weeds

Weeds destroy your lawn’s beauty and steal nutrients from other plants. Because weeds are persistent and sprouts when you least expect it, the best solution is to grow a healthy and nutrient-filled lawn. A healthy lawn can be achieved through proper fertilization.

Tailor Your Landscape Maintenance to Your Area

When it comes to lawn and landscape maintenance, it is essential to understand that what works for your neighbor’s outdoor area, may not work for you. It is necessary to choose weed killers, fertilizers, and grass seeds that thrive in your area. To identify which ones are the best for your growing conditions, you can ask your local agricultural extension service.

Minimize Rock Mulch for the Health of Your Plants

Although rocks are ideal for their decorative applications and other purposes, it can be a cause of concern for your plants. Rocks reflect heat and nearby shrubs and shallow roots will absorb it. If you want your plants to hold moisture, shredded mulch is ideal.

When it comes to lawn and landscape maintenance, it is essential to know that commitment, knowledge and hard work comes hand in hand for it to thrive. If you need professional services, Urban Landscape Singapore is a reputable organization that can help you make your outdoor area beautiful and healthy with its landscape maintenance services.