Modern and functional bathrooms: always ask an expert interior designer

With a successful modern decoration is where the bathroom of our home reaches its maximum splendor. Elegant colors, bright spaces, innovative materials, luxury taps and toilets, not only give life to the space, but also provide comfort and relaxation. Let’s see below some modern bathroom decoration ideas. Creating a bathroom worthy of the cover of an interior design catalog is getting easier, you just need the space, a comfortable budget, hire the best interior designer in Singapore and follow some of these keys. At present, it is necessary that the bathroom is in line with the rest of the house, and that it is displayed in the most attractive way possible.

Choice of decoration style

When we choose the style of bathroom decoration, we can opt for the modern and functional, for something classic and sophisticated, or for an innovative style, the exotic also has a place in the bathroom.

Colors that inspire modernity

Modern bathrooms tend to be monochromatic or use very few colors, since the fundamental attention in these spaces is occupied by sanitary pieces, wall tiles and mirrors. As always when it comes to colors it is a matter of preference and how much you want to be faithful to a style.

Decorative ceramics in bathrooms

In the market there are countless ceramics for walls and floors, sanitary ware, taps, and everything that makes up the bathroom equipment, among which we can find the one that best suits our tastes, needs and decorative style.

Toilets shower or bath

The main protagonists of modern bathrooms are the toilets, the shower or the bathtub, as chosen. Today it is also possible to find a great variety of styles, materials and shapes for these elements. Bathroom accessories are also important in bathroom decoration, and nowadays, with technological advances, there are no proscribed elements for this space. Even televisions have been designed to be placed in the showers (waterproof) it is just a matter of having a good imagination and creating a comfortable space.We can include in the decorative elements pictures, vases, lamps, statues, armchairs, any decorative element that the space allows, and that does not clash with the general style of the house.

Natural and artificial lighting

In general, what is sought in an interior space is to multiply natural light as much as possible, through light tones, bright materials and other resources, natural light is enhanced by large glass windows that flood throughout the day the interior space. The construction materials of the bathroom: they are of great importance in the decoration of modern bathrooms. They determine the quality of the finishes, and their external appearance.

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