Mold Remediation Should Begin as Fast as Possible

Mold is something that every property owner fears. When not treated efficiently or correctly, mold can grow completely out of control and take over your entire building. We have all seen or heard of buildings so infested by mold that they are inhabitable and beyond repair.

Luckily, there is a way to prevent that from happening- mold remediation okc.

When mold remediation begins as soon as possible, it can prevent the spread and worsening of mold, keeping your home or workplace in pristine condition.

The key is timing.

In this post, we explain why mold remediation must begin as fast as possible.

Mold Causes Health Problems

Mold is not just unsightly or undesirable, it is harmful. Indoor mold growth can cause a whole host of health problems. Mold produces allergens and even mycotoxins that can contribute to many health issues. For some people, mold will cause allergic reactions, including hay fever-like symptoms including runny nose, red eyes, sneezing, irritation to throat/lungs, and skin rash. People who have asthma can also experience asthma attacks due to the mold. To prevent health problems, it is crucial to remediate the mold as soon as possible.

Mold Will Only Get Worse

When left untreated, mold problems will only increase. If there is untreated moisture, the mold will grow in that spot and continue to grow. Even if you have not noticed mold growth yet, you should hire a professional to remediate it if you had flooding or excess moisture that could create the prime breeding ground for mold growth. According to FEMA, mold growth can begin on a damp surface within 24 to 48 hours! The sooner you remediate the mold, the quicker you can stop the problem.

Commonly, mold grows on ceiling tiles, wallpaper, drywall, plants, food, insulation, wood products, carpets, and cardboard. Eventually, mold will digest the organic material and destroy it. Next, the mold will destroy the adjacent material as well. The longer mold is left untreated, the more damage it can cause in your building and the more severe health issues it can cause.

Steps of Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is not a simple process, but the longer you wait, the more difficult and expensive it becomes. First and foremost, you must solve the water issues. For example, if a leaking roof is letting moisture in, you must get the roof repaired. Resolve the problem that is letting water in and providing the breeding ground for mold. You must then dry out the building and the area. The next step is cleaning and disinfecting. The person cleaning must wear protective material including a mask, gloves, and goggles. From then on out, you must keep the area dry and clean to prevent future mold growth.

Hire a Professional for Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is a difficult procedure that is quite risky. Improper mold cleaning will actually spread more mold spores into the air that can latch on to new areas. It is best to leave mold remediation to a trained professional who has the equipment and skills to expertly remediate the mold. For the best mold remediation in the area, look no further. You can count on our dedicated team to safely remediate any mold problems. Learn more about our mold remediation services or schedule your appointment today HERE.