Painting Outsides Of Putney Homes

The posh township of Putney stands prettily near the banks of the Thames River. This is the starting point of the world-famous annual Boat Race. This draws visitors from everywhere. The Domestic Houses of Putney are exclusive and high-value. Advice on Painting Exteriors of Domestic Buildings in Putney must therefore be sought before tackling this specialist job.

Special Features

Putney has some world-class companies specialising in Exteriors of Domestic Buildings. They have noted the special features of these Jobs, as follows:

  • The exteriors of homes in Putney add to the immense charm of the place. Tourists make a beeline for a few days of luxurious rest, of soaking in the striking beauty of the walls of Putney Homes.
  • Some of these Domestic Buildings are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but they are also shockingly expensive.
  • For example, there is this Twenties property which is double-fronted and eight-bedroom in the St. Simon’s Avenue with a carriage drive, for sale at £5.85 Million.
  • Deodar Street has several houses with the straight way into the Thames. One of these is on the market, at £4,195,000.
  • Added to the Heritage Factor, there is the social and community pressure of the citizens of Putney. Their very livelihood often depends on the attraction of the exteriors of these Domestic Buildings.
  • Painting these Buildings requires high-level expertise, social interaction, and artistry.
  • Taking advice on how to proceed with the surfaces of high-value Domestic Homes as in Putney is well worth the effort, time and money.

Some Good Advice

Advice on Painting Exteriors of Domestic Buildings in Putney is therefore presented below for would-be Painters, Contractors and Architects:

  • The first advice is to inspect the Exterior for Water Damage. These are fine houses, and Water Damage Protection can prolong their lives indefinitely.
  • After a visual inspection, the Exterior should be cleaned thoroughly and further inspection for cracks and rot must be carried out.
  • Chemical tests are also available, for which samples must be extracted for the Laboratory.
  • Portable hand-held X-Ray and similar non-invasive deep inspection machines are very helpful.
  • Shingles are much in use on the exteriors of homes in Putney. Shingles are brittle and fragile. Using a scraper very carefully is the answer, but it needs patience and a soft touch.
  • If the exterior portion being worked on is of wood, then putting Primer over the bare spots is a must.
  • Flashing must be installed over the Eaves. This is much more economical than shingle-replacement.
  • The top must then be caulked.
  • Next, the Paint Gun can be used.
  • Repeat Painting with Roller.
  • Finally, Prep and Mask of the Trim for each colour.
  • The Colour-Scheme must be prepared in consultation with the local tastes and direction, to harmonise with the whole neighbourhood.

In Conclusion

Painting the exterior of a Putney house can make a big impact on its value. It also protects the house from the vagaries of the weather. Putney caretakers take care of the Exteriors of Domestic Buildings.