Preparing The Home To Impress Buyers

The process of preparing the home to make it more attractive to buyers is similar to designing a stage for a play. Everything must be in the right place, perfectly arranged, and aesthetically set to ensure that the sale goes quickly and smoothly. The home must be shown at its very best without any clutter that can distract the attention of the buyer.

How to prepare a home to get a higher price

Always remember that you are selling a house, not its contents. People will open cupboards and cabinets and they do not want to see boxes of Christmas decorations, seasonal clothing, and old furniture. Start from the boxes of clutter that you have been planning to remove for months. Rent a storage space or borrow a friend’s garage for your personal stuff. Make the cupboards and cabinets look spacious by organizing everything properly and neatly. Make it easy for the buyer to envision how they can arrange their own stuff.

It is very likely for a home buyer to look around the home. Remove all the personal items that are on display like the wedding photos, the kid’s pictures, and your collection of refrigerator art, awards, trophies, and mementoes. In place of the personal items, display some flowers, plants, or simple items that will create a homier atmosphere. The buyer needs to envision his family being comfortable in the space.

Always anticipate that a buyer will pay attention to the smallest details. Make a list of all the items that need fixing like loose door handles, stained carpets, leaking faucets, and busted light bulbs. It is easy to clean and tidy up a room but leave the plumbing and electrical repairs to the experts. You do not have to invest in major refurbishments because the buyer may have a different taste in décor. What is important is to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Cleaning for home staging goes beyond regular cleaning. You have to ensure that the home is at its most desirable to sell quickly for a high price. You have to ensure that sidings, trims, and caulks around the windows are functioning properly. Take a good look at the roof for damaged and missing tiles. It may be a minor issue but make sure that they are taken care of. Buyers do not actually expect perfection but they certainly do not want to be bothered with repairs on their first day in the new home.

Dark rooms are unappealing. You can add lamps, replace outdated light fixtures or increase bulb size. Open the blinds and allow natural light to shine on the furniture. Keep everything elegant, coordinated, and aesthetically beautiful but make sure that it does not look like you are displaying the home to gain attention.

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