Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repair: How To Identify Them?

We depend on a furnace to keep our homes warm and comfortable when the weather is too chill outside. The furnace also helps to prevent the occurrence of burst pipes. However, damage to the furnace is a very common issue that can occur at any point in time. This happens primarily because your furnace remains inoperative for almost half the year. So it’s all the more important to get the unit repaired as and when it has an issue and not matter whatever the brand is, Cambridge Heating and Cooling is the best choice for Furnace Repair in Scarborough

Signs that indicate your furnace has a problem:

  • If your furnace is giving out an abnormal smell like fuel, especially when you turn it on the first time in the year. Usually, the furnace smell tends to dissipate while the unit is running but if there’s a strong odor of fuel lingering around your unit and doesn’t seem to go away over a period of time then your furnace definitely has a problem. There are a number of reasons resulting in these smells such as gas leak to excess dust in the unit.
  • When your furnace doesn’t start easily then you should understand that it’s aging. In such times, you have to keep on restarting your unit several times within the day. This also means that your unit needs repair. These are mainly functional issues that arise from disconnected wiring and damaged thermostats. 
  • To identify more signs of damage, you need to look carefully at the color of the pilot light of your unit. If the unit is functioning properly then the pilot light will be blue in color and if the color is something like yellow then you should schedule for a repair session as this indicates a ventilation problem. The change in color happens when gases such as carbon monoxide don’t seem to dissipate easily. 
  • If there are functioning issues with a unit, then there will be inadequate heating. In this case, the unit might not produce enough heat or the heat produced might be too less.
  •  A consistent noise is another issue that tells you that your furnace needs repair. Squealing noises or whistling sounds is due to the problems occurring in a belt or fan while banging and groaning noises come from internal parts that are broken or loose. 

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