Tasks, duties and qualities of a building estimator 

Construction process involves multiple processes and individuals. Both these factors are responsible for the success of the construction process and the project. There are many stakeholders involved and all of them play an important role for completing the process. Estimators are one such part of the construction process. Their job is to make sure that the financial needs of a project are calculated and to provide the accurate construction takeoff services. There are multiple details attached with the job, duties and what qualities an estimator must possess. We are going to discuss all of those details in today’s article. Keep reading if you are aspiring to be a contractor or looking for one. 

Who is an estimator? 

An estimator is a cost planner who provide estimates for building and supplies costs. They play and important part in winning or losing the project. They provide estimates of material, labor and services costs for both small and big projects. No matter how small or big the project is they are there to make sure that your cost estimations fall in line with the budget. They are also called construction economists, surveyor, and cost engineers. 

Tasks and duties of an estimator: 

The list of tasks and duties of an estimator is long. They have to perform multiple duties and complete multiple tasks. These are as follows: 

  • They are required to do design evaluations for the client requirements. They look at architectural specifications and evaluate the material costs as well as the equipment costs. 
  • Estimators perform cost estimates keeping in view the material, equipment, labor, and subcontractors’ costs for the construction project. They provide the estimates based on contract bids, quotations, schematic designs and specifications. 
  • One of the duties of a cost estimator to run a risk analysis. They must check the economic feasibilities and do the cost adjustments accordingly. If there is any risk related to the cost of the project, they must be open to changes. 
  • Project management is one of the most important tasks and duties for an estimator. They are required to manage and coordinate the project tasks. They are required to keep the directory of suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors. They must be aware of the internet plans as well as the regulation and relevant codes of practice. Providing consultation is also an important part of the job of the estimator. 
  • Tasks and duties of the estimators also include the tracking and understanding of the tendering processes. They have to establish and maintain the tenders. They also have to advise and analyze the tenders. They are required to conduct negotiations where required. 
  • They prepare bids and estimates through consultation with the sales teams. They consult with the team members, analyze the costs of the services and equipment, and incorporate them for the bid estimates. 

Difference between construction cost estimators and manufacturing cost estimators

There are certain types of estimators that perform multiple duties. Duties related to the process of manufacturing are a little different from that of the construction process. Hence, there are two different types of contractors for both the jobs. These are termed as the construction cost estimators as well as the manufacturing cost estimators. The main lines of difference lies in the nature of the jobs. Both are listed below. 

Construction or building cost estimators:

As the name suggests, they provide estimates for a building project. These estimators identify the cost of elements like raw materials, labor, and incorporate them into the bids for the tender process. They also have to devise the strategies for keeping up with the project timeline. They also have to manage the construction process as well. 

Manufacturing cost estimators: 

The nature of job of the manufacturing cost estimators is quite different from that of construction cost estimators but the duties are quite similar. The circumstances of job may vary. They have to perform cost calculations for developing and producing as well as redesigning a company’s goods and services. They also have important work to do in software development as well in the research analysis. Hence, they are referred to as the research analysts as well. The concept can be clarified as that they may also estimate costs along with usual duties. 

Qualities of an efficient estimator: 

Qualities are regarded as standards for judging whether the person is suitable for the job or not. This is to say, certain qualities serve as a criteria for the job. In order to judge that the estimator that you are deciding to hire is up for the job, these qualities serve as a criterion. The details are as follows: 

  • The estimator must be able to analyze the construction and manufacturing options in order to find the most cost effective solutions for the job. That is to say, the estimator must possess strong analytical skills. 
  • Accuracy is the key when talking about the cost estimation. Software are used for providing the cost estimations. The estimator must be able to provide accurate cost estimates and calculations for labor, material and equipment. 
  • There are many important details when it comes to the construction process. The details may vary in nature and may require multiple solutions at a time. The estimator must have the capability to keeping a track of even the minute details of the project. The changes that are taking place in the project as the process is moving forward present many opportunities and threats at the same time. Focused attention to details can help in availing as well as mitigating. 
  • Time management is important when working on any project. The estimator must have this quality of meeting the timeline for the project. Effective management is directly proportional to effective time management. 
  • An efficient estimator must possess the skills for effective communication. They have to communicate with multiple parties as well as people and hence, they must be able to convey the concerns properly. They must also possess the ability to understand the contingencies and the ways to contain them.
  • Efficiency comes with the ability and quality to work effectively with the team as well as an individual. Both these qualities are important for hiring the quality estimator. 
  • Estimators must possess good writing skills for writing clear and comprehensive project plans. The team has to work accordingly and hence, the written communication must be effective.

These are the important details of tasks, duties as well as the qualities of the estimators for the job. In order to have good scope for opportunities, keep a track of learning and understanding.