The Most Popular Ways for Finishing a Basement

Rather than buy a new home, many people are keeping their money in their bank accounts and looking for better ways to maximize the space in their current homes. Because of this, many people tend to look into expanding into their basements. It’s what they do with this extra space that is the real question. People want to make good use of the space but they also want something that will actually be used! Here are the five most popular options for finishing a basement:

5.) Children’s Playroom / Adult Playroom – This is a great idea for keeping the kids off the good furniture in the living room and giving them a place where they can be loud, play games, and watch movies. Even in homesteads with no children or where they have grown up and moved out, there is still a desire for a place for adults to play pool or watch a game.

This option is also a popular one with friends who can come over for more than just a good meal. There are no awkward pauses or silences when there is a pool table to play around or a bar to sit and watch a game at.

4.) A Home Office – Obviously, this isn’t a great option for someone whose work is based entirely on-site. Creating a home office when no one will use it doesn’t make any sense, but for those who have a business outside of regular working hours or are self-employed, a home office is a great idea.

Having a sense of work and home-life being separate is an important part of life and is especially needed for those who work out of their homes. In the end, finishing the basement as a home office can improve a self-employed person’s mental health.

3.) A Gym – This is one of the more popular alternatives for those who want to stay in shape but want to throw away that gym membership or simply want the convenience of having a mini-gym at home when they don’t have the time to go out to their usual one.

A gym in a finished basement is also a great alternative for those in areas that are prone to harsh winters where getting to a gym could be dangerous at times.

2.) Guest Suite – This has become a big option for those with big extended families, adult children, and friends. If people coming over to stay for a weekend or an entire summer has become a common occurrence, this option is a great one to give both the hosts and guests their space.

1.) A Home Theatre – This has become by far the most popular option for those finishing their basements. Having an entire room the size of a living room dedicated to movies in the age of big-budget productions is quickly becoming the norm. It’s also a popular option to have available for times when the kids’ friends are coming over for a birthday party or when entertaining.