The Right International Mover from You Now

What is the price of an international move? What are the different stages, the legislation and the information to know if you want to move internationally? What type of transport to choose for an international move? Which agency to contact to move internationally. We give you all the information on the price of an international move and advice on how to prepare for your international move.

Prepare for an international move

 The success of a successful move usually lies in its preparation phase. The better a move is prepared in advance, the more likely it is that it will take place without any problem. Preparation is all the most important when it comes to an international move.

To prepare for a move, you will need to pay attention to the details and think through each different stages of your move in order to anticipate the slightest problem. The commercial movers Dallas TX is the best choice there.

Sort your belongings before moving

It seems logical but it deserves a little reminder, sorting your things before moving will allow you to better navigate the preparation of your boxes. First get rid of what you think is unnecessary to take with you and secondly sort your belongings, taking care to separate the most fragile or more complicated items to transport from the rest. Your most fragile goods will then be transported separately from the rest to avoid any damage. It is therefore better to put them aside now in order to quantify and plan their transport later.

If you wish, you can even construct a complete battle plan for yourself by listing each of your items, and classifying them according to their degrees of fragility or their values.

Calculate the volume to be moved

Once your business has been sorted, you will need to estimate the volume to be moved. The purpose of the calculation is to be able to determine with as much precision as possible the volume to be moved per m3 in order to facilitate the request for quotes from professionals for an international move.

There are many volume calculators on the net that can help you with this. These calculators are useful to get an idea of ​​the volume to be moved per m3 even if in all cases it is the moving agency that will calculate the final volume to be billed according to your business.

Choose your international moving solution

An international move requires the greatest precautions. You must know all the administrative formalities, the possible customs duties concerning the country in which you are moving and make sure that a service will take care of the reception of your belongings on the spot on their arrival.

In short, except if you are moving with just a few suitcases, it is rare to ensure a move abroad yourself, especially if it concerns a destination on another continent.

The different means of transport

Depending on your destination, different moving solutions will be required. If it is a move to Europe, you can choose a road groupage system. Your belongings will then be transported in air suspension trucks, initially to the mover’s warehouse. In order to reduce your costs, he may decide to group your move with another.