Tips for Maintenance and Protection of your Roof

How much do you think your roof is worth? In most cases, it is more than a new vehicle. While most of the rooftops have often been neglected, the leaky one would gain attention relatively quickly. You would require hiring the service of a local company competent to handle your specific roofing needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket.

Find below a few essential tips on how to keep the roof maintained and protected, rather than merely covering your home along with the stuff in the home.

Tip #1 – Cleaning the gutters

Roof maintenance could be timed conveniently to match the cleaning of your gutters. When gutters are left unattended and un-cleared, water could work its way into your roofing. It could rot the materials of your roof. You could save money by scheduling gutter cleaning every spring and fall.

Tip #2 – Regular visual inspection

You should schedule a time for visual inspection of the roof regularly, especially after a windy day. You need to check for damaged or missing shingles, usual wear, and tear, and if the flashing is solid or not. Look for pest and rodent damage.

Tip #3 – Removal of leaves

With homes having high trees near your roof, leaves tend to accumulate on the top. The leaves could trap moisture in them resulting in decomposition. The worst-case would be weed growth on the roof. Using the leaf rake or other means necessary, consider removing the leaves. However, avoid the use of a pressure washer.

Based on your location, consider looking for moss as well on the roof that could also trap moisture and damage your roof. Depending on the age of moss, you would require sweeping it away or washing it with soap.

Tip #4 – Trimming the branches

For maintenance and protection of your roof, consider trimming the branches of the overgrown tree that pose a threat to your shingles. It could also cause broken limbs to land on the roof. The best way would be to keep at least a 10-foot clearance between your roof and the branches, if possible.

Tip #5 – Preventing ice dams

After snowstorms, consider using a roof rake for keeping the snow off the roof. Keep your attic insulated and free of air leakage. It is crucial for preventing ice dams. Check the attic, air vents, and chimney for stains or streaks. It could help you detect the initial signs of leakage.