Tips To Improve Air Quality In The Home During Covid-19

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has made us reflect on many things. One of them, the importance of the rhythm of our cities to reduce pollution. Did you know that pollution was reduced by up to 50% in one of the 80 most populated cities in the world during the days of lockdown? We have also thought a lot about hygiene, because of all this, we must add another important issue: the air we breathe at home.

We pay little attention to this, it is true. But the air we breathe at home is just as important as the air we breathe outside. Or even more. We spend a large part of our day there, and we need healthy air at home. Do you know how you can improve it? Today we give you some tricks and strategies to improve the environment and breathe better at home.

1. Give Ventilation The Importance It Has

It may seem too simple a gesture to do and to do so often. But its effects are very powerful. Our grandmothers already did it, and we cannot abandon this old tradition: we must ventilate, especially if we don’t make use of Furnace.

A house that does not open doors and windows in a house where there can be countless pollutants floating in the air. It is advisable to ventilate two or three times a day for ten minutes so that fresh air enters the house. In times of coronavirus and other viruses, this is a more current recommendation from leading HVAC companies than ever.

2. Bet On Indoor Plants To Renew The Air

There is no scientific evidence, but it is known that indoor plants can remove toxic agents from the air. Okay, it is not the most scientific solution, but it will still be great to fill your house with plants to give it life. Lots of life! If you also learn to take good care of them, you may also rejoice your spirit. And this never hurts in these times.

3. Avoid Chemical Air Fresheners

What do you gain by spreading artificial aromas throughout your house? Well, practically nothing. For a few minutes, you will feel the smell of the fragrance, but it will most likely end up evaporating after a short time.

As if this were not enough, every time you use an aerosol of this type, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) harmful to health are released into the air. It is advisable to use natural air fresheners, such as lemon in bicarbonate, cloves, cinnamon, or a bouquet of natural roses.

4. Eliminate Allergens To Clean The Air

 If you suffer from allergies, you will know it, but it is a matter that should not go unnoticed by anyone. It is convenient to eliminate allergens from home as often as possible. Pollen particles and mites, as well as moisture mold, can increase respiratory illnesses and lung infections. Wash bedding often, clean your carpet, and use a dehumidifier if you can.

5. Don’t Smoke (And Don’t Do It Indoors)

You already know that it is best not to smoke. With this, you will avoid getting sick and causing illnesses or ailments to the people around you. But if you smoke and still haven’t been able to quit, don’t do it inside your house. If guests are coming, don’t allow them to smoke inside either. In any case, use the balcony or terrace. And as soon as you can, please kick this bad habit.