What to Look for in Construction Signs and Printing

Banners are a good way to promote a business, convey information, and catch viewers’ attention. Construction banners serve a more important purpose, however; they create a visual barrier between the public and the job. While some companies use solid mesh, that doesn’t always get the job done. Here, we’ll offer a few tips on creating effective, attractive construction signs and banners.

Choose the Right Materials

If your construction Signs and Printing job involves graphics, material selection is essential. While other materials may tear and fold, distorting the graphics and making information tough to read, mesh offers a better option. Mesh banners work well on construction sites, because they’re durable enough to stand up to the wind and other elements.

Top-Quality Images

As construction banners and signs are highly visible, the imagery used should be of professional quality. Consider working with a graphic artist to create an initial design. Colour catches the viewer’s eye and working with a good sign and banner manufacturer will help you end up with a high-quality product.

Consider the Size

When using fence wraps around a construction site, size is a crucial consideration to make. If a banner is too big, it will likely sag, and the imagery and information may not be clearly visible. However, if it’s too small, it won’t block the site from view and passers-by may not be able to read it. By going with a banner that’s slightly smaller than the fence on which it rests, site managers can strike a balance between readability and protection.

Good Information

Before creating construction banners and signs, it’s important to confirm all the information to be printed. When companies are contracted to do construction for developers, they may be required to convey certain information.

When printing signs, consider what the public needs to know and which disclosures are legally required. That doesn’t mean a little self-promotion can’t happen; a logo along with the company’s contact information can also be included.

Solid Construction

Be sure the company’s signs and banners are strong enough to endure harsh weather, construction risks, and other conditions. A worn banner or sign won’t stand out, and it will be tough to read. Illegible and torn signs may send the wrong message about a construction business, so it’s important to choose high-quality, durable materials.

Building Wraps

Breathability is a crucial feature that can eliminate many of the risks of hanging banners on buildings. Our equipment allows us to create professional quality building displays. From large format prints to hide interior construction to billboard-type ads, we can help our clients find the right solution. Call today for more details.

Get Noticed with Tough, Readable, and Reliable Construction Signs and Banners

When construction projects happen, community members naturally want to know what’s happening. Construction signs and banners are a simple way to convey important information to those passing by. They’re also a powerful advertising tool, so it’s crucial that these signs make a favourable impression. Call today to learn how to get signs and banners customized for jobsite use.