Why Go With Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking provides a number of benefits that fit any storage space. In particular, if you need to store long and bulky materials. Items such as pipes and logs are effectively stored by cantilever racks, allowing you to free up floor space while easily retrieving them at any time. Moreover, the open design of cantilever racks allows for them to fit into most spaces.

The exception being that your warehouse stores little items which are wrapped together and held on pallets. In which case, pallet racks would be much more suitable since they are designed to hold pallets.

Effective utilization of room

By stacking lengthy lots products horizontally, cantilever racking which can be built up to 10 meters high allows you utilise elevation space and save flooring area. The slim lofty structure, even when double sided will increase storage ability through its horizontal storage ability of particularly long products. Single sided structures are typically positioned along the wall surfaces so central area space is not mared.

Simple to use

The absence of upright and horizontal restrictions is one more aspect of cantilever racking devices which make them preferred to conventional pallet racks. You don’t have to worry about ruining your goods while processing, packing or offloading. Cantilever shelfs design is simple and flexible, to make sure that lower the occurrence of damage items.

The arm capacity

Full weight required for every item degree/ the quantity of arms used for that product level. This number is calculated with the presumption that the weight will be evenly spread from front-to-back and side-to-side. Arms can differ in capacity, can be straight or inclined, and can have welded end-lips to keep products from rolling off if the application needs them. Due to the many styles and capabilities offered for these arms, cantilever pallet racking devices are very personalized for every use.

Access handling equipment

Where products are hefty and hazardous to deal with manually a standard forklift vehicle can be utilized for picking and filling or a side-loading forklift vehicle can be used if your goal is to decrease aisle room.


Cantilever racking has a powder coating surface that makes them very durable under difficult working situations. One can pick from medium-duty or heavy-duty cantilever shelfs depending upon the storage space needs. What’s more, it does not need difficult handling. Light-weight loads can be moved by hand or by the means of forklifts or trucks.

What are the Uses of the Cantilever Racking device?

Cantilever racking is used in a number of industries, from small warehouses to giant factories. They help to stash elongated raw materials as well as completed products. Due to their layered structure, cantilever racking helps to save you significant floor space while affording you ever easy access to to the stored items.

It is made use of for holding cumbersome and heavy products like lumbers, plumbing pipelines, steel bars, plasterboards, and trusses.

It is utilized for differing sized objects simply by adjusting the arms according to the dimension of the product.