Why Modular kitchen designs in India are Leading the Market?

If you are renovating your house or making a customized house, then a term you will deal with is a modular kitchen designs in India. These kitchens are becoming popular day by day in India because they give the house a modern look, they are economically beneficial, and most of them are specially designed for saving space in the kitchen.

The most popular modular kitchen designs in India are L-shaped kitchen, u-shaped kitchen, straight kitchen, and parallel kitchen. Out of these, the modular kitchen design that most people use is an L-shaped kitchen. Some of the kitchens are made only for big spaces like parallel or u-shaped kitchens.

  • L-shaped kitchen – In This type of kitchen, there are platforms on two sides attached to each other. One platform is large, and one is small, just like the alphabet L. This kitchen design is a creative idea for the corner spaces that are usually neglected in the house, and due to this, the house seems smaller even if it is not. The modules, i.e., the drawers and cabinets, can be attached on the top or at the bottom or both places; hence extra space will not be used separately for drawers and cabinets. These types of kitchens are the most suitable for small and medium-sized houses. Especially in cities like Mumbai, this type of modular kitchen designs in India is popular.
  • U-shaped kitchen – These kitchens are more suitable for big spaces. It has a platform on three walls, two parallel, and one platform attaches those two parallel platforms forming a U shape. This type of kitchen design is useful for houses where there are multiple cooks or where the food of many people is made simultaneously. More than enough modules can be installed in a U-shaped modular kitchen. The Benefit of having this type of kitchen is that more than one gas stoves can be kept on it, and you have a lot of room on the platform as well as you can install many modules on the upper and lower side of the slab.
  • Straight kitchen design – This is the basic form of kitchen that is present in most houses. Still, the refined modular design differs from traditional straight kitchens because the modular design can be customized and set according to your needs. This is possible due to the separate installation of every different module.
  • Parallel kitchen design – this kitchen design has two similar platform slabs on alternate walls. From the door of the kitchen, it looks like a long walkway path. This is an innovatively designed kitchen layout to create a comfortable moving space. You don’t have to walk across the room to take a food item or utensil. Avoid selecting this layout for a less spacious kitchen; otherwise, it can make you feel congested.

Modular kitchen designs in India have different prices based on spaces and types of material. It can start from approximately 1 lakh and then above. The most preferred choice is steel as it can be cleaned easily. You don’t have to bother about the paint, it looks nice even without color, and it is more affordable than wood kitchen furniture. Choose your kitchen design wisely.