Why You Should Check Out Little Rock Now

Little Rock houses for sale are hot on the market right now. Homes are quickly being listed and just as quickly being sold, but why is this area so popular today?

Friendly Neighborhoods

First, residents in the Little Rock area are extremely friendly. While biking along this beautiful city, you will be sure to see friendly interactions everywhere. When you walk into a local store or break down on the side of the road, you’ll be sure to see southern hospitality come to life with a simple hello or a generous helping hand.

Historic Attractions

One of the most popular places for tourists to visit is the Clinton Presidential Library and Park, which displays family memorabilia and other historical features that were important during Bill Clinton’s presidency. The Governor’s Mansion can also be found in Little Rock, which is where Bill and Hillary Clinton once resided when he served as Governor. Many heirlooms and paintings of Arkansas’s history can be found here.

Delicious Foods

Little Rock is known for the best BBQ in the state of Arkansas, but let your taste buds be the judge of that. Sims Bar-B-Que is the most famous joint in the area and has been around since 1937 serving locals, tourists, and even celebrities. But not only do they have great dishes, but they also have a farmer’s market that sells fresh and juicy fruits, vegetables, and more, in addition to local musicians playing live music throughout. 

Tasty Sweets

After having a delicious meal at a local restaurant, you’ll also have many places to stop by for dessert. Handcrafted Loblolly ice cream can be found at The Green Corner Store & Soda Fountain. There will be plenty of unique choices to choose from, so don’t limit yourself to just one. If a baked treat is more of what you are looking for you can stop by the Community Bakery for traditional sweets such as cupcakes, donuts, and homemade breads.

Outdoor Activities

The adventures you can have in Little Rock are widely available. With numerous places to hike such as Pinnacle Mountain State Park or Hot Springs trails, you can achieve some serious climbing with unforgettable views. You can also find spots to swim, fish, or boat in the area of Little Rock, such as the Arkansas River and Lake Maumelle. 

This city has much more to offer. The options to have a laid back day or an exciting night with plenty of things to do can easily be found here. But with a countryside gem like Little Rock, you’ll definitely want to take a step back and enjoy the view, at least for a few minutes.