3 Common Shower Heads Designed For Every Bathroom

A bathroom without useful sanitary ware is waste. If you choose to install cheap sanitary ware, it becomes problematic after months. One should know the types for a basic understanding. The first category is of water appliances that include washbasins, tubs, showerheads, etc. Another category is waste disposal that includes urinals, and water closets.

The modern shower heads display a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. They deliver water in a variety of ways to relax your tired muscles after a long day of work. They are designed with keeping personal hygiene in mind. Here are three different types of showerheads available for every bathroom. 

Fixed Shower Head:

They are the most common shower heads that can be fixed in every bathroom type. The advantage of using such a shower is that it can be maintained easily with almost no or minimum cost. They are smaller in size. It is for those who just want a shower with solid water pressure. However, one can also choose different spray patterns in it. 

Rain Shower Heads:

Intelligent designs with a variety of sizes! It is the only definition of a rain shower head installed in your bathroom. They can be fixed with walls or ceiling having different diameters such as 8-inch, or 12 inches. It gives you a pleasing shower experience. They are designed by keeping in mind the consumption of water. This means if you choose any diameter, the water flow will be the same.  

Hand Held Showers: 

They are the most convenient and most popular among the shower heads available in the market. You will need a little renovation in your bathroom to fix the settings. 

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