4 Benefits of Selling A Mobile Home To An Investor

There are some challenges to selling your mobile home. Finding a buyer is hard enough. A buyer for a mobile home is harder. Not many banks will loan on a mobile home. You need a mobile home buyer with cash. In our latest post, we’ll discuss 4 benefits of selling a mobile home to an investor.

#1 – Show and Sell your Mobile Home to One Person

Many real estate agents don’t like listing mobile homes. They don’t make much money and they take longer to sell. Most investors are direct home buyers. They come in, inspect the house and make an offer. If you accept, that’s it. No wasting time listing your mobile home for months.

Most Mobile homes that are more than ten (10) years old are being sold to investor home buyers because they don’t need a bank loan. Many banks will not lend on a mobile home, which reduces the number of people able to buy your mobile home. Investors pay cash.

#2 – You Won’t Have To Wait Around For Your Money

Most retail buyers have to get a loan to buy any house. Since banks do not like to lend on mobile homes, it could be a long wait before buyer with pre-approved funding comes along.

Working with a professional house buyer is usually faster. Many house buyers do most of the inspecting and closing paperwork themselves. This makes the process faster. Always conduct a formal closing, no matter what state you are in. Since the process for selling your mobile home is faster now, you can afford to do it right and protect yourself.

#3 – You Won’t Have to Spend Money on Repairs & Upgrades

Retail buyers that can afford to buy your mobile home to live in want a move in ready house. No doubt, they willask for repairs and maybe some upgrades.

Unfortunately, when it comes to resale, mobile homes are like cars, the money you put in rarely come back out. If it is not worth your time to fix ever little thing, getting an offer from a mobile home buyer may be a better way to go. Home buyers usually make offers, as-is. They make the repairs and you get paid without having to do any extra work.

#4 – Mobile Home Investors make Better Offers

Working with a professional and trusted home buyer can open the door to ideas you may not have thought of. Most professional home buyers make multiple offers and can explain them thoroughly.

Although you may not get full retail price for your used mobile home, you aremore likely to get a better overall offer form a buyer that knows what they are doing.

Good luck