4 kitchen countertop trends to look out for in 2020

As your countertop is the first thing that anyone will notice about your kitchen, you need to set it just right to impress the onlookers. Not only that, it’s the place of maximum action, so you need to choose high-quality, durable materials that ensure maximum longevity and effectiveness.

Let’s give you an idea about some of the hottest trends in kitchen countertops that are taking the market by storm.

The popularity of patterns

Thanks to the advances in technology, homeowners are chucking their boring, plain countertops for more happening choices. The veining is gaining in popularity because of their appealing designs, especially on quartz. With the help of modern tools and equipment for realistic veining, quartz is being made to look more expensive by imitating the styles of granite and marble on it. If you’re seeking to achieve a creative finish, you should try veining to improve the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Honed countertops

Low sheens are in, and honed kitchen countertops are all set to make it big this year. The homeowners, who prefer a matte look in their kitchens, are getting it from the honed and textured styles to take their kitchen aesthetics a notch up. Although polished surfaces haven’t lost their significance, honed surfaces are a new trend that is expected to increase in popularity.

Quartz all the way

Quartz is preferred by many homeowners over granite because of its non-porous qualities and high durability. The ones having granite counters are also planning to switch to quartz, as it’s highly resistant to staining, requires low maintenance and also extremely strong. Learn more about the advantages of quartz from experts at comptoir cuisine Cuisines Rosemère to weigh your options well.

Natural tones

The bold Art deco hues are taking the back seat this year with more natural, nonchalant tones like soft beige, grey and whites. You’ll notice more of such colours on kitchen countertops this year, as it reflects the natural lighting the most, making the kitchen look brighter and bigger as well. As the kitchen spaces are shrinking day by day, the need to make them appear spacious and airy is high, which leads to the increasing demand for lighter tones.

Final words

When you renovate our kitchen, the first thing to focus on is the countertop, as it will decide the appearance of the rest of the kitchen. Get in touch with professionals and do your homework properly to create a trendy and stylish look for your kitchen.