4 Steps to Giving Your Space a More Polished Look


Home decor magazines, TV shows, and even your favorite bloggers often display homes or rooms that look so detailed and put together, you wonder if anyone lives in there. 

From the paint on the walls to the light fixtures, furniture, and artwork, each piece in the space goes with the next until the entire room itself looks like a work of art. The key to creating such polished looks lies with your ability to make and your decor look streamlined. 

Rather than piecing together a random combination of colors, furniture, and window dressing, each item must be picked out to form a part of a whole. 

This is also applicable to your bathroom which is often overlooked. Most homeowners who have embraced sustainable living invest in organic bath towels and other eco-friendly products. 

With the right tricks, anyone can have their space looking more polished and put together. Here are some tips to help get you started.


  • Create a simple color palette


If you’re looking to polish up your home, you need to create a balance between each decor item. The colors of the home serve as the foundation of your design project so this is a good place to start. Limit your palette to just a few colors. 

A limited color palette is sure to give your home a chic, polished look with little effort. You could create a contrast with bold and neutral colors or stick with the traditional dark and light color scheme. Whatever you decide on, keep it simple. 


  • Avoid harsh lighting


No matter how much effort you put into creating a streamlined look in your home, the wrong lighting could ruin your efforts. Task lighting is necessary for rooms where you plan to work so overhead lighting may be a fixture in your home. 

Get softer lighting to create a beautiful ambiance and watch how it transforms your room. Trust me, a few carefully placed lamps can elevate the look of any space. 


  • Get rid of clutter


When you live in a home, you’re bound to accumulate clutter every day. The mail on the kitchen counter, the pile of magazines on your bedside table, or even the shoes by the door. Clutter can also be manifested in the form of decorations and accessories you have in your space. 

To create a polished look, you need to reduce both forms of clutter. Learn to pick up after yourself and ensure that items are placed in their rightful place. Get rid of small pieces scattered around your bookshelves or walls and replace them with a statement piece for a more streamlined look.


  • Change up your window treatments


Monitor the life cycle of your window treatments so you’re ready when a change becomes necessary. Update the design of your window dressing with season changes. The last thing you need is heavy drapes blocking out the light in the summer. 

Get light, airy fabric in a beautiful design and avoid excessive frills; they tend to give rooms a stuffy, dated feel. Also, keep your window treatments fresh and clean. You don’t need to notice stains and dirty before taking them down for a wash. 


To have your home looking polished, you need to stick to a simple color scheme, embrace furniture with straight lines, avoid harsh lighting, and limit clutter – decorative or otherwise. Get started now and give your home the makeover it deserves.