5 Signs you need to Replace your Toilet

Toilets don’t last forever. If done regular maintenance can last a little longer than actual but unfortunately not forever. It is either because of time, use or catastrophe, that they sometimes need to be replaced. It is hard to tell when there is a need for toilet replacement until it actually explodes. Here are a few signs that will help you be more aware of when it’s time to call the professionals in for replacement.

  1. Constant Clogging: Random clogs are common and one or two happenings aren’t considered alarming. When these clogging starts happening on a regular basis, then it’s a sign of something bigger. When older low-flush toilets have frequent stoppages, it is because of the age and their interiors getting worn out indicating the need for a new one.
  1. Wobbles: A toilet sometimes wobbles when you sit on it, for a few yet different reasons. One of the serious cause is water damaging the floor underneath causes the screws to not be able to hold as tightly as they were. While it doesn’t always mean that your toilet, itself needs to be replaced but it does mean that there are bigger problems on their way.
  1. Constant running: If your toilet keeps flowing no matter how hard you try to stop it; that can be an indication to get a new one. One of the reasons for this could be a damaged rubber flap or broken fill valve. These problems are fixable but sometimes are a green signal for opting toilet replacement services.
  1. Cracked: Porcelain being sturdy though can sometimes wear too. Cracks in the base of your toilet can lead to regular or frequent puddling and leaking. This can damage your floor and lead to an increase in your water bills. This a high time for your toilet to be replaced.
  1. Old and Inefficient: There could be a need for a replacement if your toilet is quite old and now turned inefficient. These days, there are many toilets that have come up with low flow options that use half water or less. If you want to lower your long-term water bill and be environment-friendly than it is the time for a change.

If you suspect any of the above and think that it’s time to replace the toilet in your residence or elsewhere, call the experts in the plumbing field.