A Two Minute Guide on Pole Building and How to Find the Right Pole Building Contractors

If you’re in the market to build a new house, barn, airplane hangar, or any structure, really, you might consider pole building. This type of building is perfect for those who want to build fast, more cost-effectively, and have greater flexibility for building add-ons in the future. This article will feature a quick, two-minute overview of the essentials of pole building, so you can make an informed decision if this is the construction route you want to take.

What Is Pole Building?

Pole building was invented by Howard Doann in the 1930s. Being in the middle of the Great Depression, Doann recycled telephone poles to have the combined benefit of gathering free building materials while saving money. Of course, nowadays, old telephone poles are no longer used in construction, but the building technique they inspired do offer stronger structural integrity as opposed to their stick frame counterparts. Pole building differs from other building types because wooden poles are inserted several feet underground in order to give the structure added stability that does not require a foundation to be laid. This is a great alternative to standard frame buildings because, not only does it save money on foundation expenses, it can even be built to withstand tornadoes.

Why Choose Pole Building?

When it comes down to it, pole building is a cheaper and faster way to build. But cheaper and faster doesn’t mean lower quality. Pole building is often attributed to barns or garages, but they can also be synonymous with open floor-plans and spacious interiors. Plus, on average, a pole frame structure lasts anywhere from 20-60 years and a stick frame structure lasts 10-40 years, depending on weather conditions and maintenance. Pole frame structures are better acclimated to colder, windier, and snowier climates. This is because the building isn’t just laid on top of a foundation like most constructions, but rather the poles go deep into the ground to improve stability and integrity during wind and snowstorms.

Questions to Ask A Contractor

Here are some questions you might consider asking Pole Building Contractors:

  • What type of wood will be used?
  • How long will it take to build?
  • Can I design the building?
  • Is the quote an estimate or an offer?
  • Will the structure be up to city code?

Remember it’s always a good idea to call more than one contractor. They should provide free estimates so, really, there’s no reason not to.


There’s a lot to think about when building any type of structure–the cost, design, square footage, building materials, location–but the good news is now you don’t have to worry about the details or execution because that’s the contractor’s job. With the right contractor, you can sit back, relax, maybe with a cold beverage in hand, and watch the building of your dreams get erected before your very eyes all without ever lifting a finger. Yes, in today’s world, it’s that easy. The only work you have to do on your part is to find the right contractor and you could have a brand-new building in as soon as two weeks. Good luck and happy building!