Advantages Of Cooking With Dutch Ovens

Often people come up with the question of “what is a Dutch oven. In simple words, Dutch ovens are heavy gauge, cylindrical cooking pots. They are equipped with a well-fitting lid. The construction of the cooking pot provides even and constant heat to the food that is cooked inside it.

Dutch ovens can be used to make various food items; hence, it is considered all-purpose cookware. You can cook soups and stews; can roast meats or vegetables and can even use it for deep-frying and baking bread. People have been using this cookware for hundreds of years and have been used by various cultures. You can use a modern Dutch oven on the stovetop or oven.

Advantages Of Cooking In A Dutch Oven

There are certain advantages of cooking food in a Dutch oven and they are mentioned below:

  • Good Conductor Of Heat – Vintage cast iron Dutch oven is preferred by many chefs, as cast iron is a good conductor of heat. The metal can resist high temperatures without any degradation. Hence, they are useful for a broad variety of applications. Dutch ovens made of cast iron are mostly used in camping.
  • Can Use Coals In The Lid Of The Oven – To evenly distribute the heat on the top and the bottom, you can add coals on top of the lid while the food is being cooked inside the oven. Place the coals on top of the flange in a circular way. Make sure to place the coals near the center of the lid and two colas on the sides of the handles.
  • Versatility – Dutch ovens are versatile. Hence, it allows you to make special recipes that are mostly unavailable in the camp. You can bake pieces of bread and several kinds of desserts. The Dutch ovens can slow cook for the whole day to bring out the flavors of chili beans or stew. Dutch ovens can make food taste even more delicious.
  • The Heat Can Be Controlled – The heat of a Dutch oven can be controlled by following a formula. The number of coals required depends on the diameter of the oven plus three. When coal is added, it adds 10-15 degrees to the current heat. You need to remove the coals to lower the temperature.

Dutch ovens have gained immense popularity over the few decades. It is therefore available with most of the home retailers. While buying a Dutch oven for your kitchen, make sure you get the one that has a solid construction, good heating capabilities, a tight-fitted lid, and thick walls.