All That You Must Know While Buying Garage Lighting

Whatever may be the size of your garage, you will always need sufficient lighting. It is very difficult to work on a poorly lighted garage and they can also be not so safe. You may accidentally cut yourself on any object that you could not see, and poor lighting can always be too dangerous.

With proper garage lighting, you can transform your dark space having potential hazards into a much safer, brighter space where you can feel comfortable to work. Fortunately, there are quality products like energy-efficient LEDs that you can choose for your garage lighting.

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Besides LED, you may also prefer to consider fluorescent lights too, however, nowadays LEDs are the most preferred choice for all kinds of lighting applications.  

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What to consider while buying garage lighting

You must keep the following few factors in mind while shopping for your best garage lighting.


Most of the garages may not get a sufficient amount of natural light because most of the garages do not have any windows or ventilators so that any natural light can come in. Therefore, brightness is a very important thing to consider while choosing a light for your garage.

Color temperature

Color temperature is usually measured on a Kelvin scale and it refers to the color of the light. Temperatures range may lie between 3500K and 6000K. The lower end of color temperature will be warmer and yellowish while the higher-end will be cooler and more blueish.

Energy efficiency

The most modern fixture uses less energy as compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs. The fluorescent bulbs will cut consumption of energy by around 70% over an incandescent bulb that can produce the same amount of light.

LEDs are even better, which cuts 90% of the energy consumption as compared to an incandescent bulb.

Installation and connectivity 

Installation and connectivity will decide your best garage lighting fixtures. There are a few easy-to-install choices that can produce great results. The simplest way to upgrade the garage lighting is by installing screw-in bulb replacements. There are multi-positional LED light fixtures, which can be screwed into the basic light base.


The LED bulb may upto 30 times more than incandescent lights and also reduce the energy consumed. Any fluorescent bulb may last up to 9,000 hours while incandescent bulbs may last 1,000 hours. LEDs and fluorescents may last longer than incandescent lights as they do not have a sensitive, fragile filament that may break or burn up.


If you are living in an area that is too cold during winters and also no heaters available in your garage then LED bulbs are the right choice. LEDs become much more efficient in cold temperature.

Any other features

Many people also prefer to have motion sensors in their garage lighting that will turn on the lights when they detect anybody walking or moving inside the garage. Motion sensors can also deter any unwanted guests to enter the garage to steal your tools and other belongings.