Benefits of Buying Floor-Mounted Stools

Planning on opening a bar, restaurant, or cafe? Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right seating options for customers. Read on to find out about the benefits of Floor Mounted Bar Stools.

Less Chance of Damage

Mounted stools are firmly attached to the floor, which means they can’t be tipped over or moved around by patrons. Stationary stools are less prone to damage, themselves, and will never scrape up floors or destroy other restaurant furniture or equipment due to unexpected falls.

Less Chance of Injury

Floor-mounted stools are less likely to cause injuries to patrons, as well. There’s no way to tip them over, so there’s no need to worry about unexpected falls resulting from tipping back in the stools. At establishments that serve alcohol, that can be especially beneficial.

No Need to Worry About Seating Arrangements

Bar and cafe patrons are prone to impromptu furniture rearrangement sessions, which can be a problem for the establishment’s owner. Even well-meaning patrons may move the stools to high-traffic areas or create other problematic seating arrangements. Establishment owners who are sick of dealing with this problem can prevent it by fixing the stools to the floors.

Eliminate Thefts

Every restaurant or bar owner has had customers walk off with menus, silverware, or napkin holders. While it’s uncommon for patrons to attempt to remove the furniture, it’s not unheard of. Even crafty thieves will find it difficult to remove floor-mounted stools.

Easier Cleaning

Whether the nightly cleaning is entrusted to a third-party company or performed by the closing shift, floor-mounted stools will make the process easier. There’s no need to stack them on counters or move them back and forth from temporary storage. Instead, the durable bases of the stools can be cleaned and washed along with the floor without worrying about damaging them.

Reduce Damage from Unruly Patrons

These days, bar fights are thankfully few and far between. That said, any establishment whose primary purpose is to serve alcohol is still likely to deal with the occasional scuffle. Purchasing stools that can be affixed to the floors prevents unruly patrons from using them to cause additional damage should a fight break out.

Improve Aesthetics

For diners, pubs, and other casual dining or drinking establishments, floor-mounted stools are a great aesthetic fit, as well. It’s easy to find options that will complement the existing decor, and some manufacturers even offer custom stools that feature the pub or cafe’s logo. This design choice makes it easier to create a unified style.

Durability and Longevity

Floor-mounted stools are made from durable, high-quality metal and other materials. They’re less likely to break or become scuffed and chipped than traditional wood furniture, which means bar or restaurant owners won’t have to worry about replacing them as often.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right seating options is an essential part of designing a new bar or remodeling an existing cafe. While floor-mounted stools aren’t right for every establishment, they’re a good fit for most casual dining or drinking establishments. Plus, there are plenty of options available, which makes it easy for business owners to find stools that will complement their unique styles.