Consequences of Water Leakage 

When we are not careful and unobservant, we may not identify the areas of our houses with leaking pipes. The effect of leaking pipes is more than just wastage of water, it can result in much heavier cost as the condition of your house may be severely affected. 

When there are pipes in your home, they are usually connected by joints and ferrules with valves, hydrants, meters. There may be many reasons that create pressure on the pipes, causing the pipes to burst and creating water leakage.

There are some severe consequences of water leakage:

1.    Damage to Infrastructure

Water leakage can result in staining, discoloration, and streaks along your walls. When your wall starts to absorb the water that leaked from the damaged pipes, the wall will start to warp and swell. If this was left untreated, it can destroy the aesthetics of your house.

Furthermore, the damage to infrastructure caused by water leakage can also drive down your property value. Even after you have fixed the damages, there may be lingering effects. This will put you at a disadvantage when you are bargaining for a higher selling price of your property. 

2.    Mold and Fungal Growth

It is common to find mold spores in some parts of your home. However, when they come in contact with water from water leakage, they will start to grow and spread. The affected area will start to stain the walls of your house and more mold spores will pollute the air.

This will gradually affect your health when mold begins to grow and spread in your house. When you have exposure to mold, you will tend to experience nasal congestion, breathing difficulties, coughing and sneezing. If there are infants in your house, they will have a higher chance of developing asthma as they grow up in a mold-infested household. 

3.    High Cost Incurred

When the water leakage is not detected early, it will cause greater damage to your infrastructure which will require you to spend a lump sum of money on repair works. If the water leakage is near to area with electrical wiring, you may experience short circuits and shorted wires which can result in electrical fires.

This will incur a higher cost as you need to spend money on repairing the wires on top of cleaning your house and doing the necessary water leakage repair. The result of mold and fungal growth will also create more health issues for you, causing you to spend more money on the medical fee. 

Hence, do regular checks around the different corners of your house to detect any water leakage early so that you can address the problems before they become too severe. Solve your water leakage problem today, to avoid further damage.