Creative Uses and Interesting Health Benefits of Fluffy Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rug is undoubtedly a natural luxurious home décor. They do not just highlight the space aesthetics but even last for years. Rugs protect the floor from scratches of furniture or shoes. In the past, sheepskin hides were only used for making slippers and boots but today they are regarded as high-quality rug material. 

Creative uses of sheepskin in home décor

Costco.CA is the largest retail shop that has served millions across Canada for around two decades. You can buy striking sheepskin rug to place beside your bed or near the fireplace or seating area center. Visit their website to browse the varieties of genuine sheepskin rugs from popular brands. Sheepskin rugs can be used for –

  • Babies crawling stage
  • Pets suffering from arthritis
  • Covering hard chairs 
  • Covering over a couch for more comfort

Rugs help to keep pets, babies, and family comfortable and safe. It even adds extra style to room furnishing!

Interesting health benefits of sheepskin rugs

Moisture-wicking quality

Water gets absorbed without giving the feel of wetness because wool is capable to carry 1/3rd of its mass in moisture before showing dampness. In a warm climate, sleeping on a sheepskin rug offers comfort.

Good support

Because of its naturally crimped fibers, the rug efficiently cushions the body and even absorbs pressure, when you lay on it. It helps to reduce body aches and pains!

Regulates body temperature

Sheepskin or wool has a natural quality to regulate body temperature. In winter, sheepskin rug helps to increase heat and in summer coolness gets boosted. Thus blood circulation gets enhanced in adults. Even newborn babies can benefit from this temperature-regulating property.

Soothes your skin

Lanolin is capable to soothe your sensitive or inflamed skin. Sheepskin rug has lanolin.

Deter bacteria

It naturally resists bed bug, mold, and mites. Excess moisture is drawn away from your skin. It is breathable, so air circulates across your body when you lay on the rug. There is no environment created for bacteria to survive. Moreover, for perfect clean needs, the majority of sheepskin rugs are machine washable. 

If you desire to buy a fluffy sheepskin rug, then visit Costco shop in Canada. They are committed to quality!