Dealing With Tough Odors In Your Home

There are several smells that can accumulate in your own home.  Some smells are good, like the smell of freshly baked cookies, or fresh cut flowers.  Other smells are not as pleasant, like cat urine or cigarette smoke.  If you have guests coming to your home, or you are trying to sell your home, removing unwanted odors is imperative.  There are many ways to remove smells, ranging from deep cleaning products, to products like Bioshocker odor eliminator, targeted at removing specific smells from the home.  Below, let’s examine some of the best ways to remove common odors.


As much as we love our pets and welcome them into our homes as a member of the family, pets have a certain smell to them.  Dogs may have accidents that permeate the carpeting, or cats can have an unpleasant litter box smell.  Rodents, like hamsters and rabbits also carry a certain smell.  Eliminating pet odors can be a challenge.  For urine stains, try using a vinegar solution.  Often, this will help to pull out the ammonia smell from carpeting and soft surfaces.  Bioshocker odor eliminator also has a specific line of products targeted at removing pet urine.

Cigarette Smoke

The smell of cigarette smoke can get into everything in the home, including both hard and soft surfaces.  For an occasional smoker with just a light smoke odor, certain aerosol sprays can mask the smell of cigarette smoke.  For deeper odors, try using a charcoal product.  These work to help purify the air and remove smells without simply masking the odor.  Bioshocker odor eliminator is geared toward eliminating smells from rooms, with some products working in as little as 24 hours.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew smells can be found anywhere in the home, but these smells are commonly found in basements.  Many basements are dark, and can be a little damp, making a perfect site for mold and mildew to grow.  The first step in removing mold and mildew smells is to locate the site of the smell.  Thoroughly clean the mold and mildew using a strong cleaning agent that will kill the mold.  Remove any dust from the area that may further contain mold spores.  Open as many windows to help air the space out, and follow up with an odor eliminator product, preferably one with charcoal ingredients.


Smelly trash is a common smell in any home, that will continue to happen week in and week out.  Understanding that trash can be smelly, the best way to combat this odor is with a proactive approach.  Keep odor blockers hidden in the kitchen, near and around the trash can.  There are many odor eliminators that are targeted toward one room in particular and will actively work to eliminate odors throughout the day.