Extraction with Rosin Presses – Things You Need To Know Before Investing In One

There’s no denying that Rosin has taken the market by storm, and it has also popularized the Rosin presses in the process. With a few hundred dollars, you can buy one for domestic use or commercial distribution, if you possess the knowledge and expertise in doing so. However, you should be aware of a few things before investing in a Rosin press, and we’re going to shed some light on that:

Rosin presses are used to extract cannabinoids

It’s said that Rosin was accidentally discovered while extracting CBD from industrial hemp, but now it’s widely used for the same. However, thanks to technological innovation, the uses of rosin presses are not only confined to CBD but have also reached other product manufacturing industries.

Rosin is devoid of solvent

The entire popularity of Rosin is based on its quality of being solventless. Only three things are required to produce rosin such as heat, temperature and pressure to extract the purest substance from flowers (or other parts of the plant) without any solvent. The end product also retains the original flavour and aroma along with the concentration of terpene in the material. It also accounts for the inherent safeness of the process, as it doesn’t involve highly flammable solvents.

How to choose the best-quality Rosin press?

It can be a tad difficult to choose the right press that caters to your specific requirements owing to the availability of a range of products in the same niche. However, the following self-assessment questions can help you find the best product like the Sasquash presses that are quite popular in the market.

  • What do you need the press for? Commercial and domestic products vary based on functionality, efficiency, as well as size and durability, so make your choice accordingly.
  • How many presses will the machine perform regularly? Again, you should choose a Rosin press depending on your specific requirements, as their prices may vary depending on their capabilities.
  • Can you tolerate the noise created while pressing? If you can’t, it’s best to invest in a machine that creates minimum noise pollution.

It’s always advised to buy only high-quality Rosin presses to avoid malfunction due to poor hydraulics, minimize bending of structures under high pressure and the use of stainless steel heat plates that are poor distributors of heat. Moreover, the low-quality presses come with poor heat and pressure controllers, thus reducing efficiency to a great extent. Hence, when you’re planning to invest your hard-earned resources, it’s best to buy a high-quality product. There are no two ways about it.