Gardening Tips for Perth in Summer- keeping it green without breaking the bank.

Keeping a good watering practice is essential over the hot and dry summer months. The water cooperation estimates WA can save around 4.5 billion litres of water per year if the proper regulations are observed. Perth, that’s a lot of water. Here are some top gardening tips and garden ideas that will not only save you cold hard cash but should also minimise your time out in the sun. Win-win.

Stick to your watering days

Watering days can be annoying if you’re running a busy schedule, but they’re also very important in making sure the proper water regulations are followed. A $100 fine will certainly add a dent to your normal water bill, so risking it on an off-day just isn’t worth it.

How do I know what my watering days are?

It’s very simple. The last digit of your house or lot number corresponds to two allotted watering days. For example, if you live at number 52 on Josephson Street, all properties with a ‘2’ will have Sunday and Thursday as their watering day. It’s also possible to check online to see which watering days have been allotted to your property.

What if I bore water?

If you have access to bore water there will be an extra day available for watering during the week. This extra day is calculated with the last digit of your house number with ‘1’ being Monday, ‘2’ being Tuesday, and so forth. The sequence repeats after reaching Sunday, for example, if you lived at 68 Tree Lane, the ‘8’ would indicate that Monday is the added watering day.

Thirsty plants, money, and heat stroke

What do these three have in common? The answer is watering in the middle of the day. Watering for longer periods at the height of summer is not only inefficient as much of the water evaporates before it reaches the roots, but can put yourself at a higher risk of heat stroke, sunburn, and receiving an eye-watering water bill. Keeping your watering routine strictly in line with regulations by watering before 9 am or after 6 pm ensures ultimate efficiency and is more beneficial for your garden.

Stay in tune with what your garden needs

Your watering schedule should reflect the soil type and the watering needs of the types of plants you have. If your soil is sandy and dry you may find water struggles to seep through to the roots. This is a sign you need to enrich your soil and make it more porous. This will allow water to reach the deeper roots more efficiently.

Get your reticulation schedule up to scratch

Making your property Waterwise will depend on the quality and efficacy of your reticulation. Broken solenoids, rusty connections, damaged pipes, these are all worth checking on before you gear up for those 40 degree days. Having everything in order will also save potential hard work down the track – fixing irrigation on a hot summer day is hardly pleasant.