How to adjust the water level in the toilet bowl?

How to Get More Water in the Toilet Bowl

No need to call in your plumber if the water level of your toilet bowl seems to be higher or lower than normal because you can do it yourself even if you don’t have much expertise in this department.

Most plumbing issues can be resolved once you’ve found the source of the problem. So first, you need to check if the water level is too high or low so you can remedy it accordingly.

The high-water level in the toilet bowl 

If the water level in your toilet bowl looks suspiciously high, the chances are that the pipes have clogged up. You can check this by flushing the toilet if the water doesn’t flow out like it normally would and instead rests there. Even if the water moves slowly and the water level drops eventually, chances are you’re facing the same problem. You can test out this diagnosis by filling in a bucket full of water in the toilet. If the water doesn’t flow out of the toilet bowl, then it’s certainly a blockage problem.

How to adjust the high-water level in the toilet bowl?

Wear rubber gloves to check if the toilet bowl doesn’t have any large items like tampons or pads that fell into it and might be blocking the water flow. If you don’t find anything, use a plunger to get out any blockages that might be further up the pipes. If this method also proves to be ineffective, try using boiling water or any chemical solutions that might help.

Low Water Level in the toilet Bowl

If the water level happens to be too low, you can make some adjustments in the toilet tank and quickly fix this issue. After removing the tank lid, observe the water level in the tank. The appropriate water level is approximately an inch lower than the overflow tube and fills valve.

How to adjust the high-water level in the toilet bowl?

In order to get your water back up to the optimal level, you will need to adjust the float, which will either be cylindrical or sphere. The first step is to close the external source of water by switching off the water valve and removing all the water from the tank. Next, adjust the height of the float with the help of the attached screw. Now you need to turn the valve back on and see if the water has reached the right level in the toilet bowl.


If the water level problem is still not fixed, you need to clear out the plumbing vents with the help of a garden hose or check the toilet bowl for any cracks, which might be the case, especially if you notice water on the bathroom floor. Try to fix any cracks as soon as possible because this could internally damage the construction of your house as well as drainage. If you still can’t figure out why you are unable to adjust the water level in your toilet bowl, gaining professional help might prove to be helpful.