How To Buy Home Furniture and Decor Online Like a Pro

If all the time you’ve been spending at home lately is making you want to redecorate, you’re not alone! Even if you love your house, using it as an office, classroom, and gym will make you notice threadbare furniture and dated accessories. You can redecorate faster when you shop online! Try these three tips to help you find the right pieces for your home.

Always Read the Reviews

Since you can’t stop in for a real-life visit at an online-only storefront, reading expert and customer reviews is the best thing you can do to learn about all the pros and cons of a major furniture investment. If you love mid-century pieces, look for brands that specialize in that style and start researching how well each option meets your other needs, like pricing and shipping.

For instance, Joybird reviews furniture show that reviewers love how customizable the shopping experience can be, but concede that the prices are high. You’ll want to know that before you start imagining one of their elegant bookshelves leaning against your living room wall.

Don’t Forget To Tidy Up

Even if you invest in the finest new couch you can afford—maybe you never quite got those enthusiastic Joybird reviews out of your head—it won’t be able to truly shine in your home if it’s always hidden by coats, bags, and other personal items. The most beautiful homes are also the best organized! If keeping things minimal isn’t your strong suit, try browsing the Home Edit for some tidying inspiration as you wait for your new additions to arrive. 

Find Your Style First

If you start decorating without knowing how you want the end result to look, your rooms could end up looking cluttered and unfocused. Avoid this problem by taking the time to search Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram for pictures of rooms that inspire you, and try taking a home style quiz.

Shopping for new furnishings and décor doesn’t have to eat up your entire weekend! Learning to shop smart online can help you make over your home on your own schedule.