How to Choose the right window shades

After a hectic day in the office, followed by a late-night party, you decide to get a good sleep. However, soon after dawn, the sun illuminates your room, and you can’t sleep anymore. You would sigh in despair; only if you had gone for window treatments, you could sleep to your heart’s content.

Likewise, not having the right window shades can let prying eyes invade on your privacy. With thousands of different windows shades, it can be a challenge picking the right one for your home. So, you must commence your search after sorting out some essential questions.

The reason for installing the shades

Either you love the look of the modern shades, or it may become indispensable for increasing your privacy. Additionally, the right shades can also diffuse the exterior lights. The problem is as simple as it may sound unless you evaluate the available space and the reason for installing shades, they will never serve the purpose.

Focus on your budget

The budget can make a lot of difference. You can acquire shades from various locations, the local hardware store, or the multispecialty deluxe stores. Buying them online has also become a favorable option nowadays. If your budget is constrained, do not be disheartened. You have the option of installing the simple classic style shades. The contemporary shades can blend well with any homes.

Shades- Interior or Exterior?

You have the choice of installing the shades outside or inside the window frame. By introducing them inside, you can expect a neat look, and you can even add curtains to either side. If you prefer installing the shades outside, it will understandably take up more visual space, and the room will become visibly larger.

DIY or Professional installation?

For a hassle-free installation, you can opt for the ready-made shades. It does not require you to be experienced in setting them up. However, if your window is more extensive, and you experience difficulty in taking the measurements, opt for a professional installation. It is wise to consult with an experienced interior designer for the best suggestions. We propose this website for getting in touch with one such qualified interior designer.

The preferable types of blinds you can go for are as follows. For your convenience, we also state the reasoning as to why these can be the best for your home.

Wood Blinds

The numero uno choice is, of course, the wood blinds. Wood is a time tested the product and fits the bill for any rooms. You cannot expect anything better when you seek ultimate privacy. Wood blinds will let you view the outside, but makes it impossible for others to spy at your home.

Faux Wood Blinds

Over the years, faux wood blinds have become the favorite shades for the kitchens, basements, and the bathroom. Their capability of resisting moisture and easy maintenance are the primary reasons for which so many people prefer them.

Top-Down or Bottom-up shades   


Okay, you do not want to remain confined behind the shadows every time. Then, you can go for the top-down/bottom-up shades. It is a perfect mixture of privacy and allowing natural light. As the name suggests, you can pull the shade from the bottom-up and top-down, ensuring certain areas of the window to remain open.

Blackout Shades

To date, there hasn’t been a better alternative for the bedrooms. Blackout shades are ideal for party-freaks who sleep late. Rest assured, they will efficiently block the outside light and have excellent longevity.

Solar Shades

If you prefer filtering light, solar shades are the best option. The unique fabric does everything right to block the harmful UV rays and lets the right amount of light to enter the room. However, it would be best if you used curtains alongside these shades. After the sun sets down and the artificial lights take over, these shades will lose their effectiveness, and you will lose privacy.

Roman Shades

The Roman shades are appealing. They gently fold over in a cute style when you are not using them. It gives you the feeling of unveiling the curtains of a play. You can choose from both formal and casual Roman shades.

Regular Roller Shades

Roller shades have been around for ages. Over the years, they have witnessed a massive transformation. Presently, you can avail them in a wide array of designs and colors. If you wish, you can even customize their design to make it suitable for your interiors.

Honeycomb Shades

The energy-efficient honeycomb shades are a good option. They facilitate air trapping inside their long tubes, which in turn blocks the outside light, and increases your privacy. These shades can help save you on energy bills. Previously, these shades did not possess appealing designs, but things have changed for good now.