How To Give Your Living Room a Makeover

Giving your living room a makeover can give your entire home a new breath of fresh air and energy. Living rooms have different functions, but at the very least, you probably use this space for gathering as a family, watching television, or having a good conversation with friends and guests. Here are some ways you can start this makeover.

  1. Paint The Walls

Changing the color of your walls is one of the most impactful steps in a living room makeover. A simple color change can affect the brightness, perceived sense of space, and atmosphere of the room entirely. One route you can take for a particularly striking color scheme is to designate one wall as an accent wall. This basically involves painting three of your four walls with a basic color while applying one wall with an especially bold and vibrant color. In this process, it helps to first test colors out which you can then discuss further with professional house painters Portland.

  1. Add Some Cushions

Adding decorative cushions can really add a flair of color and life to your living room. If you have a basic couch, you will find that adding cushions will offer a much-needed upgrade. Utilize colors that flow with the rest of the room, the kind of lighting you have, as well as the season. If it is spring, for example, and you have lots of natural lighting, think of warm, bright colors for your cushions.

  1. Incorporate Art and Photos

Including photos of family, friends, and even pets in your living room immediately can personalize a living room in an intimate way. You can approach this part of the makeover with a lot of creativity and innovative thinking. You can decorate frames with your children, for instance, or put the photos on bookshelves and in nooks. You can even keep it simple by hanging up art pieces done by your children or putting up a large but striking painting in the center of a wall. Artistic pieces and photos can not only dictate the energy of the room but also give your home a distinct personality that reflects the people living in it.

  1. Include Indoor Plants

Indoor plants offer just the right amount of greenery that is needed for your living room to feel airy and peaceful. If space is limited, you can even hang a few plants. You can find countless low-maintenance plants to keep in your living room if you do not want to take on the burden of watering and care. There are also several plants that do not require as much light if you do not have natural lighting available in the living room. Greenery can do wonders for your mental health and stress levels so even the addition of a few plants will make a world of difference for you and your family.

Living rooms are often located in a central part of the home so creating a healthy atmosphere there can truly make your entire house feel different. These simple steps will make your living room renovations an easy and gratifying process.