How To Prevent Flood Water From Getting Into Your Basement

If you live in an area prone to heavy rains and flooding then you have to take precautionary steps to avoid letting floodwater get into your basement. If flood water gets into your basement, it could damage the foundation of your home, create stagnant water that is a breeding ground for bacteria and much more. Thankfully, you can be a step ahead and learn how you can avoid that entirely. Here are tips to help you from getting floodwater in your basement.

Maintain and Clean

Firstly, you should clean and maintain your home’s gutters to get rid of the debris that gets stuck over time. This will let water freely flow whenever it rains so it does not overflow and get into your basement. Another thing you should do is to reposition your downspouts – face them about 3 feet away from your home’s foundation. This will let water flow away from the foundation rather than letting it pool up and enter the basement.


The right type of landscaping work can help you avoid flooding your basement. If the landscape slopes towards your home and lets the water pool around, it will surely seep into the basement. You would have to get basement water removal, Columbia, Missouri to remove all the water. While you could try your hand at removing the water on your own, professional services for basement water removal, Columbia, Missouri will get the job done right. To fix your landscaping problems, you can install a French drain or regrade your lawn.

Foundation Cracks

If there are cracks in your home or foundation, that could be the reason you have floods in your basement. Check around your home and basement for any cracks, especially in the foundation. Once you find them, have them repaired right away. Do not only check the floors for cracks – but also check the basement walls and foundation itself too. You can use epoxy to fill in the cracks but call a professional if you still notice leaks afterward.

Septic Systems and Sewers

Not many people realize that they should get their septic tank cleaned and their sewers checked – if you do not do these things, it lets pipes in your home get clogged up. The clogs and skewer backups will then let the water overflow into your basement and damage the foundation of your home and flood the basement if you do not maintain them. Simply call up a cleaning service to have them inspected and cleaned.

Plant Strategically

If there are lots of plants near your home, they can restrict drainage for your home and crack the concrete. As it cracks the concrete and restricts the drainage, the water will have nowhere to go but through the cracks and into your basement. Try to keep your plants further from your home to avoid this problem.

If you ever experienced a flooded basement, you know what a struggle it is to fix it. Be proactive and take extra steps to prevent basement flooding so you will not have to deal with the problem again.

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