How To Properly Glue Carpet?

Gluing a carpet is not difficult in itself, provided you follow a few basic rules. No need to contact a professional to glue carpet! The tutorial is here. Note that the method described below can also be used to lay linoleum or other flexible coverings.

The Prior Positioning Of The Carpet

Before you can stick a carpet, you must first follow a specific technique to place the Green Mats carpet on the floor and let it acclimatize to the shape of the room for at least a day. Also, the carpet should be ready to install at the time of gluing, because the product used has a swift setting. In trade, there is special carpet glue. However, you can use a general-purpose adhesive, especially for large areas, suitable for any flexible coating.

The Right Way To Glue Carpet To A Room

  1. To start, fold the carpet down to deposit the glue in the first half of the room. The adhesive is ideally applied with a notched trowel, placing approximately 300 grams of product per m². Be careful not to leave air bubbles in the glue by spreading it well on the floor. With some brands, it is necessary to respect the time of exfoliation to let the product act; information always provided on the packaging.
  2. Replace the carpet and chase the folds with an upholsterer, or a piece of wood with rounded edges, from the inside of the room to the walls.
  3. Proceed in the same way to glue the carpet to the other side of the room without waiting.

The Drying Time Of The Carpet

Respect scrupulously the drying period indicated on the packaging, as it varies according to the products. During this time, do not use or pass in the room. If it is an area with heavy traffic, such as the corridor, take precautions upstream so as not to find yourself trapped. Then all that remains is to reposition the furniture!