Prep Your Home Before Jazzing Up the Interiors with Interesting Paint Colours

Do you want to give your home a chic makeover? Painting is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Due to constant exposure and smoke the walls in our home turn discoloured leaving behind a dull appearance.  Splashing it fresh paint colours instantly changes the vibe of the space.

However, painting job can be time-consuming and it is also a task many homeowners dread. Consider seeking the help of professional painters. They guarantee long-lasting results and timely completion. Their skill level is far superior and helps you save time. It is a great idea to resort to professional painting services rather than opting for DIY.

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Preparing your home for painting:

Most professional painting services do the clean-up after painting, but you may be required to prepare the room prior to painting. Some companies charge an extra fee for clearing the stuff in the room while some include it in their initial consultation. If your painting company doesn’t handle the initial prepping work, you can do these in ahead to save time after they arrive.

  • Move all furniture: Furniture serves as obstructions for painters and prevent the painting work to be done in a prompt manner. Clear up the place in such a way there are no obstructions. Place all furniture in the centre of the room or in any room if possible.
  • Wall hangings: You don’t want the new paint marks on your beautiful wall hangings. You can either place them above the furniture and cover them up and move them to a safer room in your home.
  • Linens and rugs: Remove fabrics, take down drapes and roll up your rugs. You can use burlap ties to secure these fabrics and cover them using burlap straps.
  • Decorative items: Any free-standing decorative stuff can be a hindrance to painters. Tuck them away in safe place and cover them with protective sheets.
  • Clean the room: Deep clean the room thoroughly before the painting crew arrives. Wipe down walls and keep them free of dirt and debris.
  • Electronics: You don’t have to move all electronics to another room. Just unplug them. If you ought to leave some electronics running, let the painting crew know the ones which are plugged in.
  • Cabinets and closets: If you are getting your kitchen or bathroom painted, you’ll be required to remove the contents of cabinets and closets – plates, pans, pots and other personal belongings and store them in another place.

Last minute chaos can be stressful. Communicate with the team beforehand and ask them upright if you are expected to do additional prepping work. Find a reliable team to carry out the painting work.