Proper solutions for the Perfect Flooring Solution

You’ve made up your mind: it’s time to finally have bedroom flooring worthy of the name. What you want? A warm, comfortable floor that muffles noises, inexpensive to make waking up and sunsets perfect. But you cannot stop your choice.

What is the best flooring for a bedroom?

It is not always easy to know which floor to choose for a bedroom . Once we finally think we have made up our minds, a new element makes us doubt. “That floor would be warmer, wouldn’t it?”, “Is it really worth the cost to spend that much?” Make a visit to for the best results.

Enough hesitation

Depending on the criterion you prefer, there is a bedroom flooring that will make you happy . Yes, you may not realize it, but some are to be avoided depending on your case.

You are looking for the right compromise: cork flooring

Do you want the butter, the money of the butter, and the smile of the dairy woman? In this case, go for the cork floor. This material insulates very well against cold and noise, it is easy to maintain and in addition it is ecological. What more?

It is not the most comfortable or the cheapest floor, but if you want to have no real flaws , cork floor is the perfect choice. It will cost you between 25 and 50 € per m².

You favor comfort and warmth: parquet

What matters to you is to be able to walk on the floor of your room without catching a cold or hurting your feet. The ground freezing you from head to toe when you wake up, it’s a waking nightmare you don’t want to go through. Check for professional floor finishers.

So you have to turn to parquet: whether solid or laminate, comfort and warmth will be there in addition to having the choice of colors to match your tastes, for an average price between 40 and 60 per m².

Nothing better for an adult bedroom. However, we do not recommend installing parquet in your children’s room. When they are having fun, all the noises will be increased tenfold and will create a real cacophony in the house.

You have a small budget: PVC or vinyl flooring

With a price per m² varying between 5 and 35 €, the PVC floor and the vinyl floor are the most affordable, while fulfilling their mission. They are easy to maintain, and insulate both from the cold and from noise. No need to spend a lot for your room.

However, it should be noted that it is not very warm. It is therefore to be preferred if you do not attach too much importance to this characteristic while wishing to allocate little budget to your floor.