Read This, If You Want to Match Your Floor to Your Room Décor

The flooring of your home is quite an expensive investment that you need to do, in order to decorate your interiors. If you search in the market, then you can get many choices, but if you select different kind of fabrication for each room then it may give a very haphazard look.

The basic link between your flooring types generally is its colour. Therefore, you must set your colour of the interior first and then go for shopping for your flooring material. This will be certainly lots of fun and exciting, and you can do many experiments with new colours, patterns and textures.

You can also find new ways of exploring your personality and also can express yourself through the surroundings. For best results, while decorating, you will have to find a proper theme for your own tastes. Some of you may love purple, yellow or green, but if you select all 3 of these colours for your walls, then it will not be most aesthetically pleasing look.

That is because two colours need to match with each other, which is a basic principle of any kind of design/décor work. When two colours matches and gel together properly then you can express your personality with your unique choice.

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Following are few things that you must consider in order to match your flooring with the décor of your home.

  • Try to make exact match

When you choose your floor materials then it is always better to remember about the other surroundings of the room and it should perfectly complement with each other. Your peace of mind will be disturbed if everything is out of match.

  • While shopping take pictures

Either takes a sample of flooring material or takes pictures so that you are able to match it with the surrounding of the room and make sure that it really complements with each other properly.

  • Pay enough attention to colour

Colour matching is even more important than any other things, as colour of everything must look either matching with each other or contrasting so that it can offer you a very nice visual effect.

  • Consider about the room too

Following can be your choice based on your rooms:

  • Living room – wood, carpet, cork laminate or bamboo tile.
  • Family room – darker colour, wood, cork tile.
  • Bedrooms – neutral colour, laminate or wood tile.
  • Better stick with lesser than three

If you prefer to use different types of tiles for different rooms then do not go beyond 3 different designs of tiles. 2 different designs will be more preferable. Too many different designs may appear cluttered or over crowded.

  • Consider about other things besides floors

Best way to coordinate with your flooring will be considering about rest of other items of the rooms too. Consider colour of wall paint, sofa colour, kitchen cabinets etc.