Serger As Per The Requirement Now: What You need

You may not know this Japanese brand, but know that it is the world leader in sewing machine and serger. It is not for nothing that certain well-known brands entrusted him with the creation of their own models.

Difficult to summarize in a few words all the positive points of this serger

Little known to the general public, it is however renowned among retailers and specialized repairers who say the greatest good. It is an unmistakable sign.

This 4-thread serger offers two, three and four-thread stitches, a differential of 0.7 to 2.0, a looper clearance for simplified threading and above all high-quality work and stitches. We particularly liked its robustness, its ease of maintenance and its simplicity of use. Accessible to both beginners and experienced seamstresses, it is one, if not the best machine in this price range. For the serger for beginners this is important.

The Quieter Options

It is also much quieter than almost all of its competitors and the quality of its looper is excellent. If this isn’t your first serger, chances are you’ll only want to hear about Juki in this field, no matter what brand you own. And if this is your first, you will not regret your purchase. You probably have one of the best.

We like its simple grip and its threading which will allow an easy grip for beginners without being basic. As you get started, you will be able to use its more advanced features. This will prevent you, as is often the case with entry-level sergers, from feeling quickly limited and having to buy a more efficient model when trying to resell your old serger.

  • We really appreciate the attention that the designers have given to beginners. Proof of this is the accompanying DVD which will guide you step by step through your first threads, with supporting color codes and advice of all kinds.
  • Of course, it is not perfect and we obviously cannot ask him to excel in all areas at this price. The main complaint we could make is the noise. The expression “the sound of a sewing machine” takes on its full meaning.
  • It can also carry out professional quality retouching and adjustments that the simple sewing machine will have a lot of trouble in terms of finish and quality.

Its versatility allows it to combine thick fabrics and extremely delicate fabrics like silk, organza, muslin or satin thanks to an impressive variety of possible stitches (depending on the model).

The serger also works wonders in all tapestry work with thick fabrics intended for the manufacture of cushions, curtains, blankets, bedspreads, patchworks and others. During this type of work, the serger can be used not only to produce solid seams but also to decorate your projects with aesthetic patterns, where the use of a sewing machine would encourage you to hide the seams as much as possible.

Our ranking of the best sergers

Choosing an overlock machine is not easy. We have spent many hours to offer you the best sergers available in 2020. We have tested and separated them into different categories so that you can choose the model that best suits your needs based on your experience and your budget. You will find links as you read allowing you to discover each model in more depth thanks to our tests summarizing the main features, our opinion and an overall rating.