Simple Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

A well-kept home doesn’t only look beautiful! Scent is a huge component of literally any space, but especially the one that you live in. Inviting smells only make your home more comfortable and welcoming, both for yourself and your visitors. So, how do you create a beautifully fragranced home to banish lingering evidence of mustiness, leftover food, cleaning chemicals, beauty products…all the unavoidable notes that make an appearance in our day to day lives? Here are a few nifty tricks to create a wonderful smelling household right away…

Scents on the stove

Potpourri is not only for the entryway! The gorgeous combination of dried citrus, cinnamon and petals actually come to life once it hits the water. Put some water on a gentle simmer on your stove and add your old dried potpourri – your entire home will be filled with the warm effect of your recharged scent! This one is particularly great for the festive season.

Baked vanilla

To fill your household with the sweet fragrance of vanilla, turn on your oven at a very low temperature and grab a heat-safe bowl or small baking tray. Add a few drops of vanilla extract and warm in the oven until you can notes of toasty, sweet-scented vanilla throughout every room.

Deep cleaning

How often do you do deep clean of your bathroom or kitchen? Of course, you’re giving it a going over every week, but really, you should be getting into every nook and cranny if you want to completely freshen up your space. This means taking everything off shelves, wiping down covers and unclogging drains. This is going to make a massive difference if you try and stick to it at least once a fortnight.

Clear the sink

Your sinks and garbage disposal (if you have one) can be huge scent polluters and absolutely need to be addressed if you’re noticing an unpleasant smell hanging around when you walk through the door. For your garbage disposal unit, you can place a tablespoon of pink sea salt in there and let it run for a few minutes. Your sink might need some stronger chemicals for a clean, look for no toxic products to clear it out every couple of weeks.

Grounds in the bin

Place dried coffee beans at the bottom of your rubbish bag to stop your bin from having too much of an impact throughout your kitchen. This will help with food waste especially.

Scented candles

Perhaps it’s an obvious one, but it’s too effective to leave off the list! Scented candles create a beautiful atmosphere in a home whilst also eradicating any less than desirable fragrances that might be floating around. You can find so many different candle fragrances out there to suit any mood.

Indoor jungle

Bringing the outdoors in is a fantastic means of creating a natural scent profile in any room, plus they look great! The indoor jungle home décor trend has been so huge as of late, and you’re going to obsess over it, even more, knowing that the benefits aren’t only aesthetic. Your air is going to be cleaner and you’ll enjoy a fresh, clean zing of green radiating off your collection of plant babies.

Steamed scents

Eucalyptus does more than just look beautiful in a floral bouquet! Hang a few stems off your showerhead or bath tap for an amazing steamed scent effect that will fill your bathroom with a lovely, fresh, natural fragrance pretty much every day! Just be sure to switch it out often to avoid any mould growing.

Good old baking

We all treasure memories of freshly baked treats in the home and getting creative in the kitchen is such an easy way to bring you right back to those feelings. Beak bread, biscuits, cake – whatever you can! This is so great to do for visitors and events, plus, you get to enjoy the snacks, too!

There you have it! Quick and easy ways to make your home smell absolutely amazing today.