Squirrel Removal And Prevention Tips

Squirrels may seem harmless, but they can actually do more damage than you might think. They like to chew on just about anything, from roof tiles to siding and electrical cables, and once they get inside your attic, the damage can be even more noticeable. Any holes they make in your roof or walls can let rainwater in, only adding to the damage. Some homeowners policies will cover repairing damage by squirrels, and the cost to pay a pest removal company is usually between $100 and $400. The technician can also give you tips on how to prevent a squirrel problem in the future. Keeping the creatures out of your home to begin with is generally more effective than trying to get rid of them once they’ve made a nest in your attic.

There are some simple yet effective squirrel removal measures that homeowners can take, to prevent squirrels from causing damage to your home and outdoor space. Your local home improvement store has various chemicals that can be applied around your home to deter squirrels; look for products containing capsaicin to have the most effect. Some chemicals can safely be applied to bulbs before you plant them, while others are sprayed at likely entrance points around your home. You can also spread predators’ urine to keep squirrels away, and many people will tell you that a rag soaked in ammonia also works. You may be able to trap and release squirrels away from your home, although rules governing this method of squirrel removal differ by state.

Squirrels like to climb and it’s one way that they can enter your home. Metal or plastic collars, sometimes called baffles, can be purchased and attached around tree trunks, fence posts, or bird tables to prevent the squirrels from climbing them. Look for posts, fences, overhanging tree branches or washing lines that are close to your home; it may make sense to move them. A mesh guard over chimney vents can make sure your unwelcome visitors don’t enter that way. Squirrels also don’t like sunflower seeds, so tend to keep away from a bird table that offers these treats. Most birds however, will eat them and if you just can’t keep the squirrels off your bird feeder, changing the food might be the answer.

For many homeowners, effective squirrel removal means getting the creatures out of the attic; squirrels in the attic can be a costly problem. Squirrels don’t like bright lights, and simply placing bright lights in your attic can drive them away and keep them out. Squirrels also don’t like to nest if there are people nearby, and a radio placed in your attic and playing loudly can also be effective. And you should also just take a look around your kitchen, as there are many tried and tested home remedies that help with squirrel removal and prevention. Mint, mothballs and a mixture of vinegar and pepper spray are all things that you can try, and may eliminate the need for calling the professionals, like our recommendation of https://www.graybrotherswildlife.com/flying-squirrel-removal/.