Summertime and Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture, also referred to asgarden furniture or outdoor furniture, is a style of furniture exclusivelycreated for use outdoor. It is normally made of materials that are weather-resistant such as aluminum which is rust-proof. The oldest enduring examples of outdoor furniture were found in the Pompeii gardens.

Beginning of summer

At the beginning of each summer season, you should remember that outdoor furniture is an investment. These pieces have to go up against howling winds, pounding rain, as well as beating sun; you will want to make sure they are able to withstand the features of every season. That’s the key characteristic of all outdoor furniture—the material that it is made to handle all types of weather.

Kinds of Materials

Most outdoor furniture is made of:

  • Woods such as cedar, teak, and eucalyptus.
  • Synthetics such as plastic, as well as synthetic resin wicker.
  • Metals such as steel, wrought iron, as well as aluminum.
  • Synthetic fabrics.

There is also concrete, which has grown in popularity among outdoor furniture.


Of all the possible woods for outdoor furniture, teak is, by far, the most popular. Teak has excellent natural all-weather resources. It can endure the severestconditions and has a beautyfrom its warm tones. Teak also has high oil as well as natural content of resin, making it more resistant to attacks by insect and resistant to water. The oils also safeguard the wood from dry rot, which makes teakstrong option that is long-lasting for outdoor furniture. When new, teak wood furniture has a golden-honey color. If left untreated, teak wood will age into a fashionable patina grey. To keep its original color from fading, a teak sealant usually last for about a year before needing to be reapplied. 

Another material

Another material for outdoor furniture that is good is synthetic resin since it is low-maintenance, light weight and durable under all-weather conditions.Conventional synthetic resin patio furniture is woven in a wicker design for a classic outdoor look. This should not be muddled with “natural wicker rattan”, that fades upon exposure to sunlight and so is most oftenkept indoors. Synthetic resin wicker furniture can withstand all of the harshestweather of the outdoors.